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  1. Foodland, no doubt. Villa is a lot more expensive. However, the bread is better, Lotus for King project veggies. Kayser if I need bread. Expensive, but so good.
  2. Thanks guys. I will take my chances. As long as my visa isn't voided, and i get my 3 months when i get back, which is my main concern.
  3. I have a non B multiple entry. Now, my latest stamp expires on Feb 21st, and i am flying out on 23rd. Will this be a problem, like void my visa or something like that. I am aware i will get a 500 baht fine. Would i be better of getting another 3 months. Thanks BR NK
  4. Thanks, but wouldn't it be better with a constant pressure pump. I want a lot more pressure. There is no leak, the pump stops when i turn of the faucets.
  5. Ok, i know this have been discussed a lot. But here we go again. I live in Town in Town, in a 3 story town house. Groundfloor, 1st floor and 2nd floor. I have a 1000 ltr watertank, and currently a Mitsubishi WP155Q3 Automatic water pump. It is driving me nuts, and the pressure is never constant, the thing turns on and off every second, literally. And it is not strong enough for the Bathroom on the 2nd floor. Once and for all, what should i buy. I have been advised to buy a Grundfoss constant pressure pump.. But any sound advice is much appreciated. One more question. I have a water heater, the normal type with on/off switch, temp. But since this is for a Tub type, fitting, that can blend. I think i need one of those that just makes hot, and don't blend it. Is that correct. Which one do you recommend. Thanks in advance.
  6. The question no one have asked, did you replace another AC, or was this the first one. It replaced, you can take if you refit the old one. But you have to leave one AC or the other. If there wasn't one, then take it and patch it up. Its yours. But maybe ask the owner if he wants to buy it.
  7. Hi Nicolai, Education of a dog starts as soon as it enters its new house, whether that's a young puppy or an older dog. And there is an awfull lot you can do and have to do with such a young puppy. Actually you start already BEFORE the puppy arrives: * make your house and garden puppy proof. A puppy only knows what's safe and dangerous through learning experience. Think similar as if it's a toddler ... swimming pool/fishpond, poisonous liquids, electrical wiring. But also, puppies chew, play and explore. Think of the laundry, shoes, paws of chairs and tables. Forget about a beautifull garden for the first year of puppies life, or fence parts of. * set rules on what the dog is allowed to do and what not. For example, jumping up is often learned by the puppy and unconciously taught by the owner during puppyhood. If you don't mind a 40 pound dog jump up at you after having danced through the mud, then there's is no problem. But if you don't be aware that you avoid this problem from developing from the moment the pup arrives. Plus, that everybody in your household has to follow the same rules. * and that brings me to the following point, train yourself and your family member in being consistent, as consistency is a keypoint in a dog's (and human's) education. * gather information, books, DVD's and info from the net on how to take care and educate a pup. Puppy arrived: * toilet training * socialization with all sorts of people and children, other dogs and animals, traffic, and all the different environments and circumstances the dog can possibly encounter in its life. All experience should be positive ones in the mind of the puppy. * puppy basic obedience course in a playful but clear and consistent way and in a dog friendly manner. Contrary to a general believe, very young puppies do learn and they learn very fast. Many of the undesired behavior has their roots in early puppyhood, where it easily could ahve been avoided or guided in desired behavior. I'll hope this gets you started Nienke It certainly will. Thanks. I will post more when i most propably need more help:-) Cheers Nicolai(soon with thailands first bichon havanese)
  8. I have a few questions. I am having my first (own) dog soon.Had plenty whe i was a kid.... And i want her to be well behaved. But how old should a dog be before you can start training it. And is there something you can do already as a small pup. She will be 2 months when i get her. Thanks Nicolai