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  1. More bs and hollow rhetoric from the yahoo. Watch a documentary called "The Lab" and you will see why right-wing jews do not want peace with Palestinians.
  2. It keeps those of the hebrew persuasion on their toes, constantly looking over their shoulders.
  3. Careful Oilinki, you may end up on Jingthing's ignore list like the rest of us here!
  4. Morch said " Seems like there's a redundant D in your last line." Are you referring to big organizations such as the US Presbyterian church having its superannuation fund divest from companies such as Viola and G4 Securities to the point where both these companies are selling their businesses (divesting) in Israel to protect their global names? BDS are also working very hard against Hewlett-Packard and Caterpillar as divestment targeting examples. The D is far from being redundant Morch. BDS
  5. Jingthing, when you keep repeating that " Jews are INDIGENOUS to the middle east" (why do you also keep using capital letters in your posts?), are you talking about the Russian jews, European jews, American jews etc? Most of these blow-ins are part time Israelis anyway.
  6. Can you expand on this: 'Sir: If I were to agree with you, we would BOTH be wrong . . . . . '? I know I am not wrong but give me your reasons Jaapfries.
  7. "Israel's suppose cruelty and ' apartheid ' practices against the Palestinians population, " Quote from Ezra. Supposed??? You are SO out of touch Ezra with your head in the sand. Not only do I support BDS , I actively participate in it. It is a legitimate way of non-violent actions and protest , unlike the Israeli actions against the native Palestinians. It worked against the Apartheid policies of South Africa didn't it Ezra? BDS
  8. When I arrived back in Chiang Mai last month armed with a filled- in TM30, my wife at first did not believe me that we had to go to Immi until a neighbour told her of the fines if we didn't go. As I arrived on a Friday night we could not go til the Monday so I was expecting a fine. We went to Promenado to the 2nd floor to the TM 30 office to get processed. No fine and got a receipt. The polite man told my wife to just bring the receipt next time and no need to fill out another TM 30 form unless the receipt is lost.
  9. The same thing happened to me last year at Koh Samed and when I politely told the gate keeper my opinion about this he just smiled and told me that he doesn't make the rules. My wife told me off for complaining but my Thai/Aussie daughter got in for 20 baht. I also had to pay a 30 baht "tax" at a window when I got off the ferry but none of my family had to! No-one enjoys being ripped off.
  10. Someone just tell Haley to effoff!! Salam Fayyad is a good choice and it has nothing to do with Israel's paranoia about the UN.
  11. Me too-have my house and wife's family here in Chiang Mai and surrounding areas, but I need to work o/s in order to have a comfortable life. We commute back and forth for holidays, but my aim is to retire one day in CM.
  12. She managed to outlast the weasel :)
  13. They must of been very clean after giving them 10 baths!!!
  14. Give me a little time as it is Australia Day today and Chinese New Year's Eve tomorrow