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  1. He faces arrest if he fails to appear on 27th of april, is that some kind of joke? His family has got serious money, most likely they are trying to buy off everyone involved. The smart ar.e little rich kid will never face justice, not here anyway.
  2. All the money given to him by Thaksin, is no use now.
  3. I hope he gets life for this despicable crime, but i wont hold my breath. All the witnesses will have been saying what a good man he is, because he certainly woundt be trying to rape a girl in front of so many people.
  4. Lighten up mate, get a life if everybody was serious like you, life would be bloody boring.
  5. Well it is reasonable, no its silly impossible nonsense.
  6. You must be a very busy person if you take taxis hundreds of times a day.
  7. They serious???? They are going to try to regulate thieving
  8. OP you ask what to do when you enter your home. Remember to take off your shoes.
  9. Well at least you could get some cheap soap
  10. Why bother they all know the most essential phrases. You pay now, 200 baht, can i have a receipt, NO.
  11. Hells teeth imagine being married to that loony. You would be scared to fall asleep with her around you, scary very scary.
  12. Under investigation, only 1 well its a start many more need investigating. If every policeman was investigated, many would be found to have serious wealth.
  13. Well at least its a start. If they jailed every corrupt government official, the jails would be bursting at the seams. Also if they were all jailed, there would be nobody left.
  14. A warm welcome and unique local experience Getting ripped off by taxis and tuk tuks.
  15. You say worgeodies comment was way over the top. Sorry i agree with him, lock up your valuables. When i had t have a daily carer, many things went missing, food /cash/ small items. My carer at the time is 1 of my wifes cousins, you cannot trust anyone.