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  1. I'm not sure what visiting 82 countries has to do with the topic, but anyway. It must be obvious to everyone that although Trump was the one shouting about a new health care deal, we all know he has not been in politics long enough to know everything that has been going on behind the scenes since Obamacare was created. The brains behind what would replace Obamacare was conceived and closely guarded for 7 years by the speaker of the house Paul Ryan, who must surely be the one to take the blame, after putting a new plan together for 7 years and guarding it closely. He knows all the ins and outs, who would and who wouldn't vote in favor, in fact he's had so much time it all went to his head. Apart from feeling aggrieved that he was beaten by Trump and there have been many other teddies thrown out of the Ryan pram, I wouldn't be surprised if he isn't a little bit pleased it got voted down. I think he's a slime ball who wanted to be president, knows he could never have pulled off what Trump did and he should do the right thing and resign immediately It was basically HIS new care bill that lost, not really the POTUS, who because of his political naivety is perhaps too trusting in some of his staff.
  2. Lloyds definitely do. A word of caution, if you are paying in a reasonable amount of money when you go back (if you go back for a trip etc), you need cast iron evidence where the money you are paying in came from, even if it's a money order. They want to see evidence where it came from and if you can't produce any, you might find your account going tits up.
  3. I want to be the president of the French Republic. I’m not going to become involved in a vague region in Europe. I don’t want to be vice-chancellor of Madame Merkel Marine Le Pen From Macron, Le Pen clash in French TV debate By Ingrid Melander and Michel Rose REUTERS
  4. Left wing progressives are nuts and DJT has brought out the worst in them. How constructive showing your bum in public, though there are many among this group who probably do it anyway, so its no big deal.
  5. Most of the time their ear is waiting for a 'foreign' word so it doesn't register.
  6. Just give a bar girl a grand and she will tell you that you speak Thai 'geng maak' and that you are handsome also. But if you want to integrate and enjoy your life it's good to learn the language to whatever degree suits you. One thing Thai's like is someone who at least tries to speak the language.
  7. Most people who speak Thai well, don't usually sit in bars for two hours being gossiped about. They are usually chatting away merrily in either language to someone, not playing a paranoid 'gotcha' game.
  8. The man slated to take over for ousted National Security Adviser Michael Flynn was one of his right-hand men. Retired Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg served as the National Security Council chief of staff under Flynn and was tasked with overhauling the Defense Department under President Trump's transition team. Right who is going to be the first to throw mud at Kellog? It's a fun game these American elections, I suppose I would feel sour if the UK elected Corbyn or Abbott http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/national-security-council-staffer-tapped-replace-michael-flynn-article-1.2971821
  9. American democracy voted him in and it's my 'guess' that he will run again in 2020 and then it will be easier. Not because he's wonderful but rather the opposition has been totally decimated, they have no one that could even consider winning, especially that clown who was Hillary's running mate, what an embarrassment. The president will just ride out the first 6 months meeting heads of state, eating caviar and doing what he plans to do with the country, after that all will be easy. Oh I forgot The Oscars, I wonder if Me Me me Meryl will speak again? American's voted him in (through THEIR wonderful system) deal with it.
  10. Of course it's speculation that's why I added 'or something' You really didn't need to ask, the same as yours is speculation that what he told you might not be exactly what the immigration officer said.
  11. Do people actually think because they have a gripe with Thailand, the whole world is going to read their post and boycott Thailand. It's doing quite nicely tourist wise, it's not Iraq, Yemen or Somalia. Tourists actually can move around and see lots of things, places in relative safety. The story of someone being fined putting a dent in the tourist industry is just laughable.
  12. Probably didn't pay a fine for something a few years ago and it's flagged..
  13. And their outrage is...................they lost!!!
  14. An old law being reactivated by one immigration officer on one person more likely, who all the facts are not known (even friends have secrets). I've had loads of people come over during the winter, no problems or anything even mentioned to them.
  15. Who do you think is going to give that order? Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, Lying Hillary? Surely the Dems must have another 'Madame President' in the making. I think the GOP have much better quality of candidates lined up and by the time the dems are in again, 'that' wall will be as famous as the one in China.