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  1. Oh goody. Enlightenment is coming quickly for these 7.
  2. What a joke! What happens when a Palestinian kills an injured Jew lying on the ground? Death!
  3. Always bought from Pearl. I thought that one by the stadium was part of them. I want to get the new Avanza, but nothing in town until May. Anyone have any news on the new Avanza at this dealership?
  4. Foxes investigating foxes= mai bpen rai, krap!
  5. Can't make a smart city from dumb idiots. Just sayin'.
  6. More cocaine and mj?
  7. The idiots keep leaving and coming back. STAY THERE!
  8. Looks like the abbot to me, disguised as himself.
  9. If you had told me this would happen 10 years ago, I would have laughed and driven you to the local insane asylum. Surreal.
  10. Can't heal his corrupt heart.
  11. LOL. So they left? Are you kidding me?
  12. Jeez, what took so <deleted> long?
  13. LOL. Looks like his amulets work ok!