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  1. Hi, I am looking for Thai language lessons in the Hang Dong Market/ Kad Farang/ Big C # 2 area, don't really want the hike into town. Any recommendations please?
  2. Maybe a silly question, but if the farmers don't burn whatever it is they are burning what will happen to the un-burnt whatever it is? Presumably they have a good reason for burning it or do they just enjoy getting hot, dirty and sweaty?
  3. Dressed by Oxfam !
  4. So what exactly is the article about do you think? They were given fans, then the fans were taken away, but neither of them were there to get or loose their fans. Fascinating news, next!
  5. You mean you have no TM30 for him?
  6. Guess the reviewers never tried to use the car park!!
  7. If the expansion plans follow the course of many things here we have no cause for concern, nothing will come of it.
  8. Velly velly interesting ......
  9. Well someone needed to. Thank heavens for a bit of leadership at last.
  10. Level C 8, wow, with parachute wings as well ??
  11. My Thai wife tells me all this smog comes from Myanmar, end of problem!
  12. Ha ha, yes English is a difficult language for Yanks.