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  1. It's true that white refrigerators seem to have fallen out of fashion, but they are still available. A search on Home Pro's website gives seven options, some of which have to be pre-ordered. Here is one example 2 DOORS REFRIGERATOR TOSHIBA GR-WG73KDAZ(ZW)21.8Q White INVERTER . Most have the freezer section on top though, not underneath as specified in the OP. Sophon
  2. The FT on my bills from the PEA is currently -0.3329 and have been unchanged for about half a year. If you are talking about January of last year then you have to take into account that they around the end of 2015 lowered the FT but at the same time adjusted the base rates up by 48.56 satang. November 2015: Base rate: 2.7628 baht FT: 0.4638 baht Total: 3.2266 baht December 2015: Base rate: 3.2484 baht FT: -0.0323 baht Total: 3.2807 Baht If they raise the FT with 50 satang as in your example then the FT would be 0.1671 baht, which with the current base rate of 3.2484 would mean a total price per unit of 3.41555 Baht. That would make the price higher compared to a year ago, not lower. I don't know why you seem to have slightly different FT's than charged by my local PEA, I thought the rates were the same countrywide? Sophon
  3. It comes in 1 kg bags same as the other brands and is available in many different colours (30 plus). It's widely available and the price is near enough the same as the Weber grout. Sophon
  4. Maybe a Thailand centric forum isn't the best place to ask this question, but who knows someone might just know the answer. My father will be visiting his sister in Las Vegas in May, and he would like to bring a gold bracelet as a gift for her. The bracelet belonged to my mother who died last year, and we have little idea about the current value but it is probably in the 1,000 - 2,000 USD region. I know that the personal duty free allowance for gifts is only 100 USD, but does anyone know what the duty rate is for gold jewellery for the amount in excess of those 100 USD? The CBP webpage mentions a general duty rate of 3%, but will that also apply for a gold bracelet? Any info or links to information is much appreciated. Sophon
  5. Bella, our newest adoptee (number 13): We found her hiding in the bushes outside our fence. Unfortunately, our dogs tried to drag her in through the fence, so she sustained a tear to her skin. Luckily, it looks worse than it really was and she is all healed now and playing with the older puppies. Sophon
  6. You are assuming that he did his 90 day report in January. From his post it sounds to me like he didn't do the report in January, because he thought the extension in December meant that he had a new 90 day report date in March for his next report. Sophon
  7. Or if you really need the maximum 365 days you can add 30 days on top of the two 180 day "extensions" for a total of 26 Baht. Sophon
  8. It all depends on which plan you are on. I am on DTAC's pre-paid "Happy simple" plan, and every time I top up the validity is extended to one year from the top up date (no matter what amount I top up with). The downside is that the cost of calling is 2 Baht/minute, which I don't mind as I basically only use the phone for emergencies and too receive SMS'es from internet banking. I have been on the "simple" plan for quite a few years now, so it might not be possible for new customers to select that plan any more. Sophon
  9. It's important to note that the letter from the doctor not only has to state that your friend is unable to travel, but also must mention a specific period (e.g. that he will be unable to travel for the next six weeks). Sophon
  10. According to my GF it says: หลอกลวง, ฉ้อโกงฯ meaning deception, fraud etc. Sophon
  11. Your eyes are probably better than mine, what text size do you use? Try changing to six and imagine that that is a little too small for you and then change it to seven. The difference is huge. My old Kindle 3 just came back to life (temporarily?), it's been dead for the last week. With the Kindle 3 text size five is more or less the same as text size six on the new Paperwhite, and if my eyes get tired I can change up to six and still have a fair amount of text on the screen. So the text is definitely smaller on the new Kindle (probably because of the better resolution), forcing me into using the bigger range of text sizes where the jumps between the sizes are far too large. Sophon
  12. If you buy from Lazada you can get the Kindle for less than 4,000 Baht and the Kindle Paperwhite for less than 6,000 Baht. Both are the WIFI only versions that includes "special offers" (read advertising). Sophon
  13. They do ship the Kindle to Thailand, but it's not easy to find the correct link on Amazon for the versions that do. If you follow this link you can order directly from Amazon. You can also get them from a reseller on Lazada. I just received my new Kindle Paperwhite yesterday, and so far I must say that I am hugely disappointed. My problem is that there are eight text sizes to choose from, but for my less than perfect eyes five of those are far to small. Number six is close, but just a little too small which quickly tires my eyes. And the jump between number six and seven is far too big, so when choosing number seven there are only half the number of words on each line compared to what I get with number six (on average about four to five words per line). There is simply no text size that allows me to read comfortably. I think the problem may lie with the increased resolution to 300 dpi. With my old Kindle 3 I had no problems finding a text size that suited me. Sophon
  14. The first three digits only identifies the branch within the bank, it does not identify which bank the account is held with. Accounts in two different banks can (and does) start with the same first three digits. That's why you always have to select which bank you are transferring to, when you make a transfer in e.g. internet banking. Sophon
  15. I would print out the e-mail confirmation and take it with me, just in case it became an issue (which it shouldn't). Sophon