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  1. Not even a reply from Thaivisa Forum itself??
  2. Hi everyone, this thread is actually for the attention of the powers to be at thaivisa forum. I have been with TV for many years, joined it right after its inception. WIth the annexation of TV into the Nationgroup obviously changes are forthcoming. The first one I see is the new presentation of the Thaivisa.com News of which I read every issue. Unfortunately, TV (or is it The Nation?) has given it a new look which will not please many of us members. The printing now is so small, that even with glasses on I have real difficulty reading. I expected things would improve after the merger, but this is not an improvement at all, it is the complete opposite. Please be so kind and restore the font and fontsize TV used to have for years. Thank you.
  3. What's the brand? Definitely not. I agree that In Vietnam you might be able to buy the best chocolate in the world (same as in any other country) which is Swiss. Swiss chocolate is still the very best chocolate in The world.
  4. I know that fact, it's not hard to understand. I was an auditor and financial controller for a big US company.
  5. You saved my day, After having just been released from the hospital after a 600+ blood sugar spike and having a cough with fever that just doesn't want to subside, patience comes to its limits. Thank you again. So readers who are Citibank cc customers, take note. There must be many, already at Makro the only cc they accept is Citibank. Good to know for those who don't!
  6. Yes, it is very frustrating. One thing I must say: personally they always treated me as a good customer, gave me a high credit line, HSBC gave me only one fifth of what I get at Citibank, so I can't just leave. When I travel to Europe (Switzerland {extremely expensive} and Spain) I'm always happy to be bolstered by a nice credit line in case something happens. But I take KhunBENQ's advice to call the 02 number. That might be the trick. Thanks a lot for your input, I very much appreciate.
  7. I have been a Citibank credit card customer in Thailand for 12 years now and I can honestly say that I am a good customer. Sometimes I spend big time and I always pay my bills full and on time. Burt there is one thing which bothers me to this very day: When you call them, you spend first at least a minute listening to some Thai sermon and then again the same in English. Then we go: "For English press 2". And then it is always, always Thai. I told their customer service many, many, many times to rectify this mistake. But to this day, if you press for English language service you get Thai language service. I doesn't dawn on me why a US multinational as big as Citicorp gives a sh*t about their customers in overseas countries. But hey, it's not only Citibank, they're lots of others companies like them here in prathet Thai. I've been living here permanently for over 30 years now. I would be happy to get some feedback, but no bullsh***ing remarks, please!
  8. Sounds legitimate. How can anyone PM this guy?
  9. Who is Naam? Our member Naam?
  10. Thanks a million, grollies, Paul Catton and Crossy! You should all get a medal for this help. Not using one's abilities to the fullest anymore, I must admit. Yeah, my late mother reminded me countless times about my eyes. On the other side: what a strange place to export this feature to ...
  11. The envelope doesn't show on my account, see screenshot. I know, my eyesight isn't anymore what it used to be when I was young.
  12. It's only for Thais, it reads DIGITAL FOR THAIS, lol. Foreigners aren't mentioned. Anyway, all our contracts are with True.
  13. Hi Crossy, many thanks for your input. I will check it out. I thought I might find PMs on the settings page. Have a great day.
  14. Whenever I wanted to check on my past private messages I went to my account and saw them on the left side. Now I can't find them anymore they have disappeared. I received one yesterday and answered it. This morning I wanted to add something, but no way of finding the messages back on my account. I also can't find the function 'Settings'. Where can I find that one? Not to be located on my account. Can someone from support reinstate this function, please? So much has changed on the TV platform since I joined in November 2003. There were just about 5'000 members at the time I joined. Is it because George is not with TV anymore?
  15. The problem persisted. I had to uninstall and then reinstall Google Chrome. So far, no more aw, snap!