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  1. When this is all over, it'll be covered in his new book, "The Art of the Squeal."
  2. As usual, Bill Maher gets right to the point... [Following Donald Trump’s epic fail to impose Trumpcare on the country, even with full GOP control of Congress, Bill Maher urged the president’s supporters to finally admit what much of the country already knows – that Trump is a conman who promised his voters the world during the campaign without any real intention of delivering it.] [“The Trump approach to health care was never going to be ‘repeal and replace’,” Maher said. “It was always ‘bait and switch’.”] [“I know you real Americans hate being called stupid, but you gotta meet me half way and stop being stupid,” Maher said. “You Trumpsters didn’t elect the next Reagan … you elected every cheap huckster who you should’ve known was full of s*** because he was always promising the moon – everything is always foolproof and 100 percent.”]
  3. He looked white? Well there goes the ballgame. The world doesn't want to see a white nutter, they want to see a Muslim one. Heck, we just had a race murder the other day and no one cared. You can bet the US President won't talk about it....
  4. Agree. When you give the police broad authority to kill people with impunity, they will. Not just drug dealers and thugs, but anyone who disagrees with them or looks at them the wrong way. Duterte is basically at war with the poor people of the PI, the most vulnerable. I suspect many more will die, deservedly or not, he doesn't care.
  5. Good point. Every time something like this happens, the hate just cascades from all quarters. But how is that solving the problem? I'm for preventing future terrorist attacks, and I'm pretty sure the moderate Muslims want the same. We need their help, simple as that.
  6. The questions I asked originally were rhetorical in nature, i.e., the answers were not in the article. So when you and the other weirdo tried to suggest that it was...well.
  7. Again, people have done worse and not been deported/blacklisted, which may suggest there's something more to this. As for the children being in the hands of friends and relatives, what does that mean? Who leaves their kids with "friends?" Which relatives? Do you guys ever read before responding?
  8. Didn't really see much in the video, but the fact that the bull "penetrated nearly a foot inside the cavity...." OUCH!
  9. Agree, pretty bad today. We need a rainstorm desperately.
  10. Man, you are incredibly dim beyond words. I asked "So who are the children staying with?" You didn't answer that question, did you? The kids are obviously not staying with the father, so who are they with? "If not their mothers, why not? Is he not paying child support?" No answers. Lastly, "Why was he deported/blacklisted?" People have done worse and not been deported/blacklisted, which may suggest there's something more to this. So you've failed on all counts. Have you ever been right about anything?
  11. What are you on about? The reason I asked those questions was because the article did not contain the answers. If you disagree, how about share with us....unless you're some kind of looney bird.
  12. It's true that most Trump supporters voted against their own self interest. Some just didn't know any better, but some really believed Trump. Like this guy...but no more. ["The bill is an absolute betrayal of what Trump represented on the campaign trail," he said. "I feel betrayed."]
  13. What an odd story. So who are the children staying with? If not their mothers, why not? Is he not paying child support? And why was he deported/blacklisted? This dude has got some problems.
  14. Is Trump going to threaten lawmakers every time he wants to push a bill through? I'm pretty sure he's going to need them if he wants to do tax reform, infrastructure bill, his budget, the wall, etc. The funny thing is, Trump has no idea what Obamacare really is. All he knows is it was created by President Obama and the Democrats, which means that it must be destroyed.
  15. You're just another delusional Trump stooge. Maybe you can apologize to the Brits for.... ...or the Germans for... ...or the Swedes for.... etc., etc. But don't worry about the Russians. Putin can take over all of eastern Europe and your boy Trump won't say a word.