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  1. Gaslighting Trump, but he will be his own victim.
  2. My translation is "mild speaking"
  3. Trump's economic policy . Wait, his policy must be confirmed by Alex Jones.
  4. "Obviously, the government has taken power by putting themselves above the law. " ?????????????????? Obviously, the Dhammakaya has taken power by putting themselves above the law (The Buddha's Teaching) and the worldly part.
  5. The largest fake Buddhist sect in the world. Mafia structures, money cheating, killing the vinayapitaka, brainwashing, psychoterror with young addicted. Waco style?
  6. Wait for the news of the New Orleans "terrorist"
  7. In Germany they don't have the Trump style of fake news. 3500 attacks of neo-Nazi and ultrarightists with 500 blessed people last year . It is a fact.( Der Spiegel from BKA). Trump realized it and is ready to fight the people he stimulated to attack the colored part of US?
  8. Horrible, I didn't know that in Sweden (Maine, USA) so many Muslims are living.
  9. Trump twit post?
  10. Trump already made a wall around the USA. Tourism in the US from countries in the world declines significantly.
  11. Trump had Immigration Permit by Dakota Sioux?
  12. Sorry, my post was not clear. The statistics were from 2015, but published at the end of 2016 with an appendix. The 1800 cases of crimes of the neonazi movement include the investigation in 2016. I had problems with the BKA downloading. I give some informations. 0 class are German citizens with immigration background. (40 % of US citizens ?) 1. class are immigrants people living and born Germany with accepted parents. 2 class are accepted refugees 3 class are refugees under investigation 4. class are under nvestigation as dangerous people 1800 Germans are under Investigation for racism, Terrorist Actions, Many victims were integrated Muslims (Group 0)