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  1. I can see the headlines now, Pattaya Hua Hin ferry sunk by submarine
  2. I like that! I do hope they are not paying the people who upgraded/amended/refurbished/aka ***** up this site
  3. Like wise i like , seems the like button is now defunct Sorry, there is a problem We could not locate the item you are trying to view. Error code: 2F173/I
  4. I suspect being reported in western news yesterday (yes only daily mail....but ) yesterday prompted some action
  5. We can only hope it weakens by 20% or more to compensate for the GBP loss and with that i will turn my adblock back on. .
  6. We live in the countryside actually litter not much of a problem ..........until you go about 1km the road, guess what, a school and the litter around there is amazing, mind you i know one of the local teachers and hes hardly an intellectual beacon i am surprised he can find his way to school, so picking up litter or even warning of littering is way beyond him Obviously the locals are completely oblivious to it all!
  7. I would be more concerned about owing 133000 to a hit man!! For that money lady you will be looking over your shoulder for a very long time
  8. More fly tipping and/or burning........ here the "delightful" country folks by us won't even pay 10THB a month for their own bin
  9. It might be the result of an accident check for skid marks
  10. Very sad for the girl! I think we underestimate the problems women have in this culture. My wife now in her early 50s, was a wild child growing up in and around south Bangkok, she still carries a knife well small stanley type blade in her handbag and would use it. She is by no means a shrinking violet but incredibly wary of Thai men Her 2 daughters in Bangkok at uni are also are equipped with the same
  11. My god 23 pages dont you guys have better things to do allow me to summarise............. They dont like foreigners and try to rip everyone possible off including other Thais they certainly are racist as well as astute business men (thieves) Did i tell you my wife said Thais dont trust Thais ?? he he he Actually thinking about it..... anyone not from her neck of the woods (Phra Padeang BKK) she not only doesn't trust but hates! I heard her muttering about the the local yokels here lacking the intelligence of a plank today.... must admit fair comment luckily they never even acknowledge me. anyway i digress byee
  12. Oi Listen!!!! She's Thai ....she said it
  13. Yep 100% Mrs Poohy shops alone and certainly dressed down if i am there or she looks wealthy prices go up.( NB i mean where prices can be variable i am allowed into Macro or Tesco) But one thing has stuck with me what she said many years ago......................... Thais dont trust Thais! I think we should always remember this