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  1. First you get rid of Samarn, then hike excise through the roof, now prevent imports .. where can I buy stocks of local laukhao distilleries? Must've been some real nice and fat brown envelopes.
  2. They seem to be getting tired of many things. The pressure cooker is slowly starting to whistle again.
  3. Maybe they should put emphasis on the produce actually being fresh and not laced with pesticides.
  4. Three times khrap before kick in the head, well that makes it all good then, no worries, khrap.
  5. Six way intersection, also know as the "Arena". Morituri te salutant..
  6. Nothing says Welcome better than being scrutinized the second you land.
  7. Basic Newtonian physics. The combined mass of the two cars (~2x) is decelerating at a similar rate with 8 wheels (2x of of car) locked. About half of the energy was spent when the stationary car was hit and suddenly accelerated. The road was wet the the coefficient of the friction was low. I'm sure some one can tease out the actual formula. Besides, having seen the photos of the T-boned car it's very unlikely that the speed was anywhere in excess of 100. It was hit on the weak spot and still hadn't caved in, hitting at 120+ would've wrapped it around the bmw's nose like a wet rag.
  8. Sure, with slicks and considerable downforce on a bone dry track, giving deceleration of over 2G. A standard passenger car takes about 30m to stop from 80kph.
  9. He seemed to be able to stop in appx 30 meters. Add reaction time and substract the energy spent on the crash I'd estimate 80km/h.
  10. Just two lanes? The four or five lanes at the Chonburi intersection of highway 7 are more often than not occupied by buses and trucks side by side.
  11. Yeah, Thailand. Everything has to be a comedy show.
  12. Land transport gets 5%, that's 50 baht out of a 1000 baht fine..more lucrative to take 300 under the table. Which is exactly what is going to happen, nice little teapot.
  13. To improve the safety you must remove Somchai from behind the wheel. Still have to wait for self driving cars.
  14. Can tourists claim the tax back? Would be interesting to see a Chinaman at the airport claiming a refund of 38000 baht for a week of soapies.