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  1. You are fine. The "upper operating temperature" for SSD and HDD is usually around 60 to 70C. Like the Samsung 850SSD is 70C...then I looked up a typical Segate HDD and the upper temperature operating limit was 60C. And the allowed RH for both aforementioned drives was 5 to 95%. Samsung 850 SSD Seagate HDD
  2. Here's the pressure specs on Mitsubishi WP pumps....like the the WP405 which is 2.4 bar/35 psi to 2.8bar/41 psi for an average of 38 psi. As mentioned earlier there is a very significant difference in pressure ranges for the WP155 and lower model numbers....best to avoid these lower number model if you want better pressure/volume in the shower and elsewhere.
  3. LSM, Lord knows I've harped on "not" doing an ACH transfer for so long (like around since 2011) since I use my no foreign transaction fee cards which reimburse ATM fees and I also use the cards for counter withdrawals. But I just did a USAA to Bangkok Bank ACH transfer just to ensure my ACH transfer setup it still worked....wanted to do a 100% test. A person can never really know if it works "100%" until you do a 100% check. Like when using your foreign card in an ATM....you have entered you PIN, entered the amount you want within allowed limits by the ATM and your card issuing bank, and not until you press the last button where money is suppose to spit-out next you instead get an error message along the lines of call your card issuing bank. If a person had only went to the point of inserting card, entering PIN, entering amount, and they pushing cancel because he felt that was a good enough check, he might have been sadly disappointed when doing a 100% check (pushing that final button) and really needing the money. Anyway, I decided to do a 100% ACH transfer check. I initiated an ACH transfer from USAA of a healthy sum of money on 28 Mar/Tuesday at 10:11am Thailand time and just a few minutes ago on 29 Mar/Wednesday at 9:36am I got the Bangkok Bank SMS saying the transfer had posted to my account. SMS like yours and got the initial/opening 0830hrs rate since the transfer was waiting in their inbox for final check this morning. Less than 24 hours for the low cost ACH transfer. And in fact I expect I could have waited to yesterday evening to initiate the transfer since it would have still be before 8:30am in USAA's time zone to meet their morning transfer cut off time.....if I had waited it would have probably only taken around 15 hours from initiate transfer to money received. I may ask USAA what their daily cut off times are to see if you initiate a transfer say 1pm their time do it still go out same day. Anyway, my curiosity and desire to do a 100% ACH transfer check have been satisfied....back to using my cards.
  4. Regarding the WP series and noticing a pressure difference when using a shower/instant heater. That will only occur if your WP is water logged/not maintaining the proper amount of air in the tank. I have now used a WP-255 pump for 9 years used with two instant heaters and the only time I noticed a pressure different is when the air control/balance valve was defective several years ago causing the pump's tanks to water log itself which causes a pulsating type water flow and very frequent running of the pump with any kind of water flow. Now the WP255 pump produces a varying pressure between 2.1 bar/30psi to 2.8 bar/40psi for an average pressure of 35psi. I do not feel or see an pressure variation when talking a shower with instant heater. But I will admit if you have a WP85, WP105, or WP155 model pump which only put out 1.3bar/19psi to 1.9bar/28psi that in that lower pressure range when using the pump the pressure variation might be felt and the pump on-off cycle be predominately on with "any" water being drawn. By frequently running I mean the pump's on-off cycle when water is being drawn around 80% (or more) on and 20% off. It will be more balanced approx 50-50 with a properly functioning pump which requires it's pressure tank to have the proper amount of air in it. Maintaining the proper amount of air in the tank is accomplished by the air control valve which Mitsubishi calls "AC-ASSY" (air control assembly). It's that six-sided black valve with one end screwed into the top of the tank and the other end has a pencil diameter sized tube running back into the water intake. The valve basically consists of a spring, a rubber diaphragm, and two check valves. One of those check valve (consisting of a small spring, small ball, metal washer, and rubber seal can be removed/checked/cleaned by just unscrewing it from the underside of the valve...just unscrew the cap with the nipple on it and carefully remove the parts....and remember the order they came out in). But what fails in the air control valve is the "rubber diaphragm" that will develop a pin-hole sized leak which cause the valve to only partially operate which causes the tank to water log after a few days to few weeks after draining the tank to allow air into the tank. Then you are back to pulsating water flow and the pump running most of the time even with a small flow of water. I guess a larger rupture would result in water logging much faster....within minutes to hours. A replacement air control valve costs around Bt700...easy and fast to replace....anyone can do it. Durn shame a person can't buy just the rubber diaphragm within the valve as that is really the only thing that can fail. And it really can not be patched due to the special material of the diaphragm...a patch just won't stick long....I've tried. I guess if you are pumping dirty water the check valves could become clogged but they can be cleaned...or the small pencil diameter hose could become clogged....but the only thing that can really fail in the air control valve is the rubber diaphragm. Below is a picture of a disassembled air control valve....well, not "fully" disassembled because you can still unscrew the cap with nipple to remove the one check valve (this is where air is sucked in to be fed to the pressure tank)...you cannot remove the other check valve mounted in center of one of the black covers as it's permanently installed at the factory. I circled the area of the rubber diaphragm that developed the pin-hole size rupture...actually the rubber in the area of the rupture had just got "hard"....was no longer pliable like the rest of the diaphragm. Tried patching it with RTV rubber and inter-tube tire patch...neither would stick/seal very long....just couldn't stay adhered to the special diaphragm rubber. Bought a new one....been fine since....no water logging...no pulsating water....can not feel shower with heater pressure variations, etc.
  5. There is an article in today's/28 March Bangkok Post which talks road deaths in Thailand since 1 Jan 17. It titled "Call for year-round campaign against drunk driving." The article said since 1 Jan 17 road accidents have claimed the lives of 2,901 people. And just on Monday/27 March alone 64 lives were lost. It does not go into specifics and locations of the accidents, but I bet around 80% was out in the provinces and involved motorcycles.
  6. Actually, I think the kid on the left hand side of the picture in the front seat is Mr Spock's kid....maybe Mr Spock had some shore leave in Thailand years back.
  7. Being submitting an FBAR for years....easy....and even easier since you submit it online now ("must submit online, can't mail in anymore). You can prepare the FBAR offline and then submit/upload it online. Submit using the individual FBAR webpage. http://bsaefiling.fincen.treas.gov/NoRegFBARFiler.html But an attorney, CPA, enrolled agent who are registered on the FinCen system submits it online for a client....basically someone who charges you to help submit your FBAR. http://bsaefiling.fincen.treas.gov/main.html
  8. jump out???!!! More like thrown forward into the back of the cab like a watermelon being dropped on concrete or thrown over the cab and landing like a watermelon on concrete....killed just as fast as the folks inside the cab. And those in the bed are less likely to have a split second to prepare for a crash as they don't see what's occurring in front of them....like a head on collision into another vehicle, tree, etc.
  9. Now where are those receipts for those cash transactions?
  10. Krungthai Bank has had a ibanking selection for quite a while where you can pay traffic fines. You could also pay at the bank in person. This isn't new. I love the OP picture....looks like three half Thai, half farang HiSo kids with one long haired farang girl thrown in happily complying with the revised seat belt law ...or should I say the Section 44 dictate. And each year during the holidays close, detailed coverage of driving accidents and deaths approx 83% is attributed to motorcycles. Motorcyclist accidents/deaths cause by DUI, no helmets, more than 2 people on a motorcycle, and just a whole host of Stupid Is As Stupid Does motorcycle accidents. You don't see a lot of media coverage of these accidents because many happen out on the back roads in provinces or are quickly cleaned-up before the press can arrive to get video for the evening news. What is the govt doing to reduce this carnage?
  11. I've never had a problem on getting a callback. Been with them since 1 Jul 16...have called the probably 6 to 8 times...with most of them being curiosity questions, upgrading plans, and twice about two brief down times. Probably half of those drove a call back promise in 1 to 3 hours...usually the call back occurred in 20 to 60 minutes. Every one's results will vary...maybe its location driven...I'm in western Bangkok.
  12. Just an update on my improved blufferboat. Been 10 days since I posted above about my AIS 100/10 Fibre "bufferbloat" score increasing from a C to a A or A+. I've run at least one DSLReports test to Singapore daily since posting above and each time I got a bullerbloat score of A or A+. And the speed and overall scores remaining A+'s. Just ran a test a few minutes ago (Monday morning) to Singapore...once again got an A+ bufferbloat score. Either DSLReports change their scoring algorithm or AIS and improved it upload side of its network. I don't think the improved score is due to DSLReports changing anything since I have also noticed difference is upload speed test results when using other speed testers. Your results may vary....my plan is fibre all the way to my residence....not VDSL for the final X-meters....I'm in western Bangkok.
  13. AIS Fibre is working fine for me...to include when using Kodi. I notice last week when calling AIS Fibre at 1185 I sometimes end up talking to a rep from AIS Mobile 1175. I knew I was talking to a rep from 1175 because the rep said such and when needing a call back (which came fast) call was from 1175 and the guy I talked to said he handles AIS Mobile and AIS Fibre related calls. But the rep was knowledgeable and took care of my curiosity questions and Platinum TV package/add-on sign-up OK. Use to when I called AIS Fibre 1185 you only talked to folks from AIS Fibre. But I think since AIS Fibre has matured enough that AIS is integrating some of it's basic customer support and signing up for certain things with the reps at AIS Mobile 1175....consolidating call center (1175 and 1185) reps.
  14. Sounds like the typical Bangkok morning (and evening) rush hour.
  15. Strange, I enter the two different addresses I gave earlier, and each one pulls up a different tester. One the legacy/flash based tester (first address and image below) and one the new/HTML5 based tester (second address and image below).. Maybe it's a DNS thing...I use Google DNS. And if using the legacy.speedtest.net address on a mobile device it may automatically switch to the new speedtest.net unless you force a desktop display on your mobile device. Or like I said it may be a DNS thing....maybe try clearing your cache. http://legacy.speedtest.net/ http://www.speedtest.net/