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  1. Last time I respond to you on this thread. I never accused Obama of actually committing a crime, so how is that defamation? It's pointless debating someone that starts with the personal abuse. Bye bye.
  2. The wiretaps may have been legal, but not masking US citizens is illegal. BTW we have been told the wiretaps were not on Trump's team, but on other people and they picked up info on Trump's team incidentally. That info can't be used for anything legally. If Trump's team was being tapped, Trump would be right, wouldn't he? If Obama knew a crime was being committed and did nothing, that would be a crime in itself.
  3. No. If the president knew US citizens were not being masked and didn't do anything about it that would be illegal. Nothing about telling the world.
  4. Meanwhile in Brazil and Indonesia they are busily cutting down vast areas of rainforest. It is a world wide problem, not just one for the west. The technology I refer to is the one pioneered in Iceland. Don't know the details. Even if it was the tower system, would it be better to build them or die? Would solve the unemployment problem anyway.
  5. Thou jest. Within a minute of being opened would be full of disabled beggars, young children selling pencils to mongers, litter and the brown stuff, and inhabited by muggers. Overpasses only thank you.
  6. Given that they have spent the last few years destroying the beach, one would be surprised if they actually fixed their stuff up, as it would be admitting they didn't have a clue how to do it in the first place.
  7. The airport bus goes to Morchit. Given the choice between a van and the regular bus, I prefer to arrive alive and take the bus.
  8. a general medical doctor in Pattaya who also considers alternative medicine and treatments. He/She should be able to communicate in one of the following languages: English, German or Spanish. A general doctor that speaks English will be in any private hospital. You will need your passport to register. Your chances of one that considers alternative medicine is, IMO, nil. Do not expect your Dr to speak with you as one would where ever you are from. In my experience of a few hospital visits, they are like Euro Drs from 50 years ago, and never explain or discuss. If you know a Thai, there are clinics that are staffed by more sympathetic Drs, but they may not speak any of your desired languages, and without a Thai you would never find them anyway.
  9. I don't agree with that. I spent a month in C M and regretted it every day. Has to be the most boring tourist city in Thailand, though I have never been to Issan, so can't comment on any of them. Are there any tourist cities in Issan?
  10. IMO one month isn't enough. Every area is so different from the other that it would be impossible to even get an idea of where one would like to stay. Just staying one month in Pattaya would leave one with no idea of what any other area would be like as it is so different, and equally so for Chiang Mai or the islands.
  11. Anyone that is bored in Thailand isn't trying very hard.
  12. Yes, she gets all the rights of an Australian, including the right to divorce you and take ?half of everything. I don't know about Aussie support for divorcees, so can't comment on that. IMO it is always a mistake to take a nice Thai woman to a western country where she will be indoctrinated in western PC BS and become someone else that you may not like. I'd never have married a western woman just because of the PC BS anyway. My Thai marriage didn't work out, but at least I didn't get scammed out of whatever money I had left by the courts- just a $1 certificate at the local office. I actually think the Thais are the sensible ones making it difficult to get rights in LOS for foreigners and not allowing land purchase. My country has been ruined by foreign speculators buying up the land.
  13. IMO citizenship has responsibilities and obligations. If you don't want to fulfill those then you shouldn't hold that citizenship.
  14. It's not masking US citizens that is illegal. If Obama knew illegal information was being disseminated and did nothing then he committed a crime. Can't justify a crime by saying Trump did stuff too.
  15. Perhaps May's thoughts would be more productive if used to think how to stop more such either entering the UK or removing those that seek to radicalise those succeptible to such influence. This threat needs to be physically eliminated, or there will be more incidents like this. Pretty speeches do nothing to sort the problem.