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  1. Sinecures yes.Opportunities for command, and all the status that goes with that, yes. Payback for loyally toeing the junta line, definitely. I don't however really think that time at sea has much to do with it - although I'm sure that there will be at least one trip out if only to provide footage of a submarine diving to update the video they show whilst playing the National Anthem on TV! Ironically I suspect this is going to burn through so much cash that the regime is going to run really short on funds, and therefore favours are soon going to be in very short supply indeed.
  2. Sighs for effect. And I thought you were such a sophisticated fellow - a veritable Renaissance Man! Google "Corris Railway locomotives on the Tallyllin Railway." Tongue in cheek- they're even older than you! [emoji4][emoji4] Steam reigns supreme!
  3. The Corris twin - apart from anything else you can mend it with a hammer and a spanner set. Passing observation on your post #58. There is nothing wrong with meter gauge railways if properly maintained and operated. Deep ballasted well laid out continuous welded track is good for speeds of up to 100km per hour. Powerful modern locomotives can haul heavy trains on such lines. The existing signalling system, based on absolute block working (only one train in any one section, no exceptions) is completely safe and with proper regulating capable of passing substantial amounts of traffic over the existing system. There has been a lot of work done on the permanent way, on recent journeys I have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of the ride. Observation suggests that SRT is short of locomotives and rolling stock - yards depots and sidings seem to be stuffed full of broken stock. The existing system, with some investment, could be repaired and modernised to give the country a rail system which is capable of serving its needs well into the future.
  4. Which twin is the Toni?
  5. In either case, why bother blocking it? I mean, you yourselves have pointed out often enough that the Shinawatra/UDD/RedShirt support has fallen away. A perception that seems to be supported by the polls commissioned and trumpeted by the government. It's hardly as if the rural voters who have seen the light and therefore no longer are foolish enough to support the despotic Shinawatra/UDD/RedShirt gang are likely to rush out and buy a copy is it? I know it was blocked to prevent people becoming confused. Well I'm confused, but perhaps not as confused as those whose task is to explain why te action was taken.....
  6. I thought that they had put a stop to the launch because they were worried about people becoming confused....
  7. At 20 million USD per kilometer that makes for some truly eye watering "investment opportunities." That said, this sort of project requires sustained spending over a relatively long period of time. I can't see the dosh being available....
  8. Yes, but this bunch don't do history...
  9. You know things are getting desperate when you have to try and justify using the military to close down a book launch!
  10. Umh, if they have had a successful implant of artificial bone in their upper arms, why do they need to sit in a wheelchair?
  11. Charges are pending for: Serving sandwiches containing jam from jars with a certain picture on them. Unauthorized possession of certain calendars. Irresponsible and flagrant use of red plastic bowls.
  12. Yes, as long as they're in black ad white...
  13. I don't think it is legal, just widely accepted. ThB30000 rings a bell. Quite who you hand the envelope to, and at what stage of the conscription process I don't know. At one stage my stepson was sent home for 3 weeks because the troops had eaten all the food in the camp vegetable garden and they couldn't feed them! He never received any proper pay either, just handed a few hundred Baht every week or so, and a bit more when he went on leave. I don't think buying out would be an option available to these two anyway!
  14. You won't be able to get it for much longer. Throwing it over the wall will make the bottles smash and the cans will burst...[emoji3]