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  1. I forgot the form number, if there was one, but it's basically the Thai version of an Income Verification that accompanies an additional stamp on the U.S. Embassy stamp on the income statement. Note: I was filing for an extension based on marriage to a Thai national.
  2. I recently ( Feb 8) had my embassy income verification notarization done in Bangkok and then went to the Tha Yang immigration office to file for the annual extension. I was informed at immigration that I could not file my paperwork because I did not have the paperwork from the main immigration office in Bangkok. I had to return to Bangkok and spend about 8 hours in that hell hole trying to get the paperwork. They originally wanted me to return the next day but I told them I couldn't do that and had to wait around until close to 3 pm before I had the document in hand. So, does the OP have to have this additional paperwork with him when he files in Chiang Mai?
  3. Since they removed the entire bed, it might be that they pinched, or otherwise damaged the fuel line. It's also possible that all the movement caused some contamination in the tank to get stirred up and mess with the injectors or carb. Just a thought.
  4. Rumor has it that the video here was actually taken during a van drivers road test before getting his van driving license.
  5. Charge the whole damn gang with accessory to murder. Some of the little pricks will give up the killer when faced with a long prison term.
  6. Thanks for the tongue-in-cheek humor. Nothing like a laugh with my morning coffee.
  7. I plan on a visit to Pattaya in a couple weeks and would like to know what the current situation is regarding baht buses on Buhkhoa. The last information I could find posted in the forum was from one month ago. I normally stay on the south end of this soi and use the baht bus a lot. If they have been removed, or severely curtailed, I would like to know so I can look elsewhere for a room. Thanks, in advance, to people posting accurate responses.
  8. I am considering trying the new ferry service to Pattaya. However, I do have two questions answered, if possible. 1) Where could I safely park my car for 3 days when going to Pattaya by ferry? 2) Where, exactly, is the ferry service located? Thanks!
  9. The so called price list posted at the north bus station is there to help provide some extra shade for the mafia baht bus drivers there. A few months ago I pointed out the posted baht price and was laughed out of the parking lot. I did go to north road and started walking towards the beach and not a single baht bus came by before I got to 3rd road. I ended up getting on a motorcycle taxi and that was 70 baht to get to Tuk Com. I hope you have better luck than I did.
  10. Thanks goodness these are Mexican laws. For a moment I thought I was reading a list of Thai immigration laws.
  11. Just had to turn adblock back on. International Rescue Committee just forced me to block TV ads.
  12. When I google this place, I get return information that it's in Cha Am, Ranong, Samut Songkram, etc. No mention of Hua Hin. I have to assume that it is indeed in Hua Hin, but could someone provide accurate detail and also indicate if parking is available at the Hua Hin pier? Thanks!
  13. Perhaps the army should post a couple of their men at the bus station in north Pattaya to enforce the 10 baht fare rule. The vulture baht bus drivers there seem to be able to operate with no regard to laws or rules.
  14. An assessment after 6 months of primarily high season (Jan-June) is going to look like a gold mine compared to a 6 month assessment for traffic between July and December. I can see this operation going from daily to 3 times per week by July. A second vessel shouldn't even be considered until it's shown that the first boat is turning customers away due to its' popularity.
  15. It's a good thing the military did not enlist Hillary Clinton for speeches. Their annual budget would have likely been used up on one speech.