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  1. There is a far right wing minority in the US Congress called the 'Freedom Caucus", aka the Tea Party. They comprise about 12 -13% of the Republican Members of Congress, or about 7% of the total House of Rep. They have just enough members to deprive the Republicans of a majority. Now, some people (including myself) believe that free public health care is a basic human right and should be the government's responsibility. Others believe that health care is the responsibility of each individual and that the government has no business in interfering or regulating the health care (or any other) market. The majority in the US probably fall somewhere in between these two extremes. The Tea Party obviously believe that the government should not be involved with health care and will probably shoot down any compromise, unless enough of them realize that their rhetoric is inhumane and too far out of touch with 21st century ethics.
  2. "Romney was a port in the 700s. When the sea retreated and it could no longer be used for shipping, it died and was replaced by New Romney, which now lies 2 kilometres away from the sea." Meanwhile, Dunwich, in Suffolk has vanished beneath the waves along with several other medieval English ports. Does this mean that the sea level is rising in Suffolk and falling in Kent? No, it just means that if you cherry-pick your facts instead of weighing the overall evidence you can 'prove' whatever point you want to prove. Earth's climate is complex and dynamic and is affected by many factors, including the impact of human activities. The next decade or two should show us definitively how the climate and sea level is changing. BTW, shipping companies are already planning for ice-free arctic summers after 2020.
  3. Kim has rockets and he has nukes... If he really wanted to set the fox among the chickens, he could try to revive this 50 year old NASA tech: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuclear_thermal_rocket
  4. ^ I get the same error when trying to 'like' a post. I guess that this is a sign that I should embrace my inner 'grump' and stop liking things...
  5. When I see the words "biggest, most complex, most expensive" use to describe the new classes of ships, I can't help but think that they would make nice, big, expensive targets. Potential enemies won't be investing in big ships, they will be investing in much cheaper anti-ship missiles and torpedoes.
  6. The Secret Service and the CIA are not the same, in fact they are not even in the same branch of government. In addition to renting space in Trump Tower, the Secret Service is responsible for guarding the president's residence there, so having floor plans would be normal SOP.
  7. If that quote is correct, when she gets home tonight her husband will be asking her "Teerak, did you just throw me under the bus?".
  8. Everyone is pointing out that Trump Tower was not wiretapped. Nobody, especially not Trump, is asking if the Russian Ambassador was being wiretapped! Calls from Trump's campaign could easily have been intercepted and recorded if they were made TO someone else who was under surveillance, like the Russian Ambassador or Alfa Bank.
  9. Most schools are gradually moving from Windows XP to Windows 7 or 10. A more useful question might be 'What version of word are they using?'. As there can be formatting issues if you are using 2013 or 2016 Work and they are still on 2007 or 2010. Don't get the kid a Mac. It would be useless in Thailand.
  10. According to his hometown paper he 'has a lengthy criminal history'. http://www.cullmantimes.com/news/cullman-co-sodomy-suspect-arrested-in-limestone/article_75a62a26-25e1-11e5-90d2-cb90ed38df38.html
  11. In the Post this morning there was an article stating that the gang that did the killing are sons of 'influential people' and have already been released without bail (so they can intimidate any witnesses no doubt!) The lawyer above needs all the amulets he can get! He has repeatedly gone up against corrupt cops and other violent gangs.
  12. ^ This! Judging from how things have gone so far, Trump's foreign policy is going to come out of the White House, not the State Dept. Tillerson knows that he is just a message boy and does not want to make public statements that might be contradicted by Trump at any time.
  13. My wife grew up in southern Thailand (NST) and she used to cover her head with a pillow when the local mosque would go off early in the morning and think 'why can't they just shut up and let me sleep!'.
  14. Jamie Gorelick is advising Kushner about ethics?? Do a little research on her background. Having her in that position is wonderfully ironic.
  15. Rape is rape, insertion or no insertion!