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  1. It shouldn't have taken much vetting to know that Flynn was a nut. I mean the guy basically said 1.6 billion people were infected by the "vicious cancer" of Islam. That alone should have prevented him from taking that office. the fact that they knew in January that he had lied about his conversations with the Russian Ambassador and still did nothing. And we also now know that Mike Pence was warned about Flynn's Turkish lobbying as well before he took his post. Trump's people don't care about vetting. They care about getting their people into positions of power and then trying to cover up their tracks to keep them there.
  2. They are there at the will of those countries per agreements with those countries.
  3. Exactly. If there was a wire tap it would show there was reasonable cause to put one there. In his effort to distract people from the Russian probes he's not only made himself look ridiculous with yet another unfounded claim (similar to his voter fraud one), but in the event that he was wire tapped, it shows that the FIS court deemed there to be probable cause for the taps which is going to do the exact opposite of what he hopes.
  4. The only thing more predictable than Trump making an outlandish and unfounded claim to try to distract from his own bad press is the fact that his fan base will find ways to defend it. Was Trump Tower wire tapped? Who knows? But if he was it was part of an FBI investigation and it was not something ordered by Obama. Trump seems to lack a basic understanding of the office that he holds.
  5. Pence has some way out policies as well, but he is more deliberate and the circus will end. I think most people who dislike Trump wouldn't be thrilled about Pence, but would view it as far preferable to Trump.
  6. I'd guess Putin realizes that all the Russian investigations have more support with the bromance continuing. He's trying to distance himself from it to make things easier on Trump. Trump isn't an asset to him if he's under scrutiny to be harder on him. His best bet for Trump as an ally is to let the Russian stuff die down first.
  7. More likely it's just going to motivate them to go at him more.
  8. Good post on a topic that people seem to ignore or not understand quite often. Automation is going to cost many millions of more jobs. There's no stopping it, but many people aren't going to be fit for the more technical jobs. It's a serious issue that the world is going to be facing in the near future as AI, robotics, and automation improves, and prices on things like 3d printers are driven down.
  9. Trump is out of control. From banning press to briefings, to skipping the upcoming White House Press Dinner, to lying recently about saving $1BN off Air Force one cost. It's easy to get away with lies if you ban all the outlets who call you on it and your fan base is too loyal or dumb to question it.
  10. Not only was the information false but let's see what the former PM of Sweden has to say about that... Lol. I think that sums it up. That's from former Swedish PM Carl Bildt.
  11. The problem here is that he and his staff repeatedly spread it. And then they try to convince the public that the media is against them and not to believe the media lies. Hey only listen to us while we make things up on the fly. The sad thing is that many Trump supporters will believe anything he says, and this is creating a dangerous environment. This is the second fake terrorist incident in the past couple weeks, and then you can add the anti-Muslim attack in Canada which clearly did not support their case, which Sean Spicer referred to as if it did which would make it three in a month.
  12. He's a bright guy, but I'd worry about him environmentally too. Considering he was the CEO of Exxon for years, while they were covering up or engagement in disinformation on climate change, and the potential for conflict of interest there if sanctions get lifted on Russia would be high for those same reasons. But compared to most of his cabinet I agree, Mattis and Tillerson seem to be the most level headed and competent of the bunch.
  13. Pruitt sued the EPA 14 times. Got into deep water because he allowed people from the oil industries to write their own propaganda and then put his name on it as something official. And has for a couple of years fought against releasing what is likely compromising information about his interactions with them. That information has to be released by court order within the next 10 days, but congress decided to vote him in now before they can see that likely damning evidence. The fact that Republicans have voted in every single candidate so far despite many of them being off the rails crazy picks causes them to lose all credibility.
  14. I am Jack's complete lack of surprise.
  15. I found Stephen Miller's interview to be the most disturbing thing so far. The full speech is even more disturbing He's basically saying that the president doesn't need to obey the judicial branch and then goes on to talk about the military might. This is a play straight out of the dictator's handbook. And shortly after he gave the speech Trump praised him for it.