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  1. Whatever it may be it seems it applies mostly to Brits and Australians.
  2. Well there was a thread with some proclaimed "rich" guy who wasn't able to produce 20K and they denied him entry. It seems the 20K rule only really gets applied to people that are other wise somehow suspicious. That being the case I think it does it's job to a degree. I certainly don't feel nervous carrying enough in cash for what amounts to no more than a good night out in Bangkok for example. You may be on to something though, immigration should require you to swipe your card to verify you have sufficient funds on your credit card. I would feel much safer doing it that way. hahaha
  3. From what I have seen the Brits are the least likely to leave unless they absolutely have to. It seems for whatever reason they have nothing but contempt for their home country. Not all of course but the way so many of them talk that is the impression I get.
  4. The problem with that is that is not what they ask for. Can you refer me to the stories of people being robbed out of 20,000 baht at the borders?
  5. That question really depends on what you consider paradise and as always that what can not be escaped... how much money you have. As we all know Thailand is the ultimate destination for the economic refugee.
  6. Oh? I thought I had made a quality post that would make for interesting discussion. It is really that simple for "real"?
  7. Did he say why he stays here by any chance?
  8. Objection duly noted.
  9. Thankfully nobody is forcing you to eat there.
  10. If that's the case they have been successful in that endeavor.
  11. I pray they go full menu you can get pancakes many places.
  12. There was another thread that asked a similar question so here is my version of it. Screwed up the title it should be real reason for staying so opposite question of CharlieH's post. Tell us the real reason you are staying here. Perhaps it has to do with your limited selection of sexual partners back in Farangland, it could be your limited pension has been eaten away by inflation to the point you feel even a lousy exchange rate is worth it, the reality that at over 50 and no health insurance or assets is sinking in. You find your clever little version of Thai bar girl English you picked up no longer enthralls other people of your own race. Your needs in a partner have changed to require somebody who can cook an egg and clip your toe nails. No longer have any friends, job connections and your mother has passed away so no available basement to call home. Your fears are engulfing you and you are probably not alone. At least in Thailand your wife understands you even though you don't speak any sense of a common language. This familiarity is hard to find back home. Some of the people you ran out on debts with are still alive? Unresolved warrants are still open against you? There are so many negative threads about Farangland these days most revolving around money. There is a multitude of reasons people choose to remain in Thailand. So tell us the "real" reason why you are here.
  13. 750 Baht for eggs at IHOP is my guess lol. Such places are solely the haunts of the wealthy over here. :)
  14. That is the best single piece of news to come out of Thailand in at least the last decade. The real question is will it be remotely even the same as the original?
  15. Can I be absolutely frank here? No of course I can't because of that this topic is somewhat pointless. The junta if we are giving credit where credit is due have had an amount of success silencing their detractors if that counts.