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  1. So...are TR visas still free or not? Is the return ticket necessary also?
  2. What problem are you alluding to? I always take the train If you cross through Sadao expect to pay a bribe...unless it's your first entry or so I suspect they are expecting a bribe in PB these days too...the 20000 b requirement is a red flag. I crossed (in PB)40 days ago with shitloads of TV's but had to problem
  3. I suspect they are expecting bribes in Suwanapoom too...someone who uses it regularly can enlighten us. I use the Sadao crossing and they expect a 200 baht theses days (if you are a serial TV user)...if you don't have the money (placed inside the pp) they bark abt the 20000 baht in cash requirement. You might be able to get away with no bribe if you have it at hand but basically they expect bribes these days I have since switched to Padang bribes there for the time being. Ditto if you are doing a border run although you can only get 2 visa-free entries per year now.
  4. The N.E monsoon is kickin...breezy, rainy and rough seas as of this morning. (Songkla) It's been creeping on us for a couple of days now but not very strong..
  5. apt.
  6. Any recommendations? Thanks
  7. Hillary qualified? Libya, Syria, Benghazi...massive fraud in the Clinton Foundation...stolen nomination from Bernie...enabled/covered Bill's shenanigans with women...amd on and on Trump is an angel in comparison Even Jill Stein came out (implicitly) in favour of Trump vs Hillary
  8. It has the same results... Btw,,,have anyone heard of the massive Wikileaks dumps in the past month or so??? All incriminated Hillary and her team in a myriad ways But no...tell me more abt Trump shit-talkin with a buddy 50 years ago. Gnats strained and camels swallowed...
  9. Thaivisa has turned into a mouthpiece for the Clinton Killing Machine
  10. 1.8 mil baht compensatrion? LMAO Bet it won't be forthcoming...
  11. Thai embassy in Athens is very strict on TR's...but that was a few years back Just get a single entry TR in London and extend for a month.....then go overland down to Penang (although you can fly too) and get another single entry TR and extend for your final month
  12. Why on earth should anyone marry them though... Trouble, trouble, trouble...
  13. Anybody done the trip recently? Has express trains or not? Any cheap place to overnight in Aranya? Thanks in advance