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  1. It's not about what the policy does or doesn't allow. It's about how the admin of the TVF chooses to exercise the discretion given it under that policy. I never had a problem in the past with the way that discretion was being used. But I do have a major problem with the current use of that discretion as regards third-party "partners." And what's even more objectionable is that TFV apparently has begun this practice of unilaterally giving posters' forum content to The Nation for use on its Opinion pages without even informing forum members that this was going to begin happening, or what if any guidelines would be used in selecting such content. Bottom line: I won't post/continue posting as long as that kind of current 3rd party permitted use of TFV content remains in place.
  2. The point I made above was, at least in the past, I'm unaware that ThaiVisa had any actual practice that, to use your term, "whore[d] out" our forum content submissions to third-parties for reproduction by those third parties in their own venues. The policy allowed it, but it wasn't done in actual practice, AFAIK. But that's exactly what the current forum admin now appears to be doing with The Nation and the reproduction of ThaiVisa forum posts with the posting member's forum ID on the opinion pages of The Nation. I'm happy to be corrected if I'm wrong, but that seems a pretty major departure from past practice.
  3. Depends on what you mean by "cover what I have referenced." If you mean do the current rules provide any opt-out option, as I suggested above, that would enable a member to prevent their content from being sent to/used by non-Thai Visa sites such as The Nation, I don't see any such provision. If you mean does the current language give ThaiVisa the right to do pretty much whatever it wants with any material posted to ThaiVisa, including sharing/giving it with "partners" for reproduction by those partners, and members having no recourse to limit that, then yes, that's what the current policy appears to say. That's exactly the part I find objectionable -- the unlimited ability to share the forum's information/content with whatever 3rd party entities ThaiVisa may choose to designate as "partners." Who are the next TVF "partners" going to be, the Thai Govt. PRD, the RTP, TAT, ???
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the difference is: In the past, despite what the current policy apparently allows, what was posted on ThaiVisa pretty much stayed within ThaiVisa in its various forms -- the web forum boards, emailed newsletters to members, sometimes social media, perhaps. But now, apparently, we have ThaiVisa or The Nation unilaterally picking up selected member posts out of the Thaivisa web forums and re-publishing them in a mass circulation print newspaper without any specific warning being given or explicit permission being granted by the authors. If that's the way the future here is going to be, members should at least be given the option to blanket opt out of having their posts potentially re-published in The Nation. Unless something like that is granted, I would expect you'll see A LOT of members here being much less participatory in their postings and in the forums at large. And that would not be good for the broader TVF enterprise.
  5. Did Grottino simply go out of business, or did they relocate elsewhere?
  6. There's also a very low-cost, simple medical clinic at the end of that subsoi that's closing at the end of the month - Sukhumvit Soi 11 Clinic. Went there several times in the past for med certifs, other basic stuff. Popped in the other day, and they too said they didn't have a new location identified yet, but that they were actively out looking, and would be closing by the end of March along with all the other businesses there.
  7. Re the OP article, I believe the fish place that closed was Snapper New Zealand, not Kai New Zealand, which is its sister branch in the Sathorn area. On the Snapper New Zealand webpage, I believe it says they're looking for a new location, but don't have one identified as yet. http://www.snapper-bangkok.com/ Elsewhere there, I believe Tapas Cafe was still open right now -- unlike some of the others that have already pulled out -- but obviously its days are numbered in the current location.
  8. All of journalism in Thailand these days is pretty much constrained -- even more so than in the recent past. And a lot of the practitioners of "journalism" here often seem to be lacking in professionalism. That said, while I don't follow The Nation's ownership or editorial stances very closely, I did note they had a particularly forceful and surprisingly blunt editorial about a week ago about the current state of the country's government. I'm assuming it took some balls to write and publish it in the current environment. http://www.nationmultimedia.com/news/opinion/today_editorial/30308126
  9. Here's at least a partial reference to the original/prior ThaiVisa/The Nation partnership: At that time, member SBK noted of the original partnership: I don't believe that same editorial question has been addressed in the current/latest arrangement.
  10. Wow.... didn't even know about that...previously. I'm not sure I'd want some of things I might say freely here, in our relatively un-XXXXXXXXial environment, to be published in a semi-mass circulation newspaper that presumably is read by the Thai BIB and others. Especially without me even knowing about it or giving any consent to the re-publication of my comments.
  11. Interesting to note that The Nation on its website and news report today announces the news with a different headline (without any suggestion of a buyout) than the one used here: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/news/business/30309188 The Nation also had another partnership deal in their news just a couple days ago:
  12. MasterCard-logo debit cards work just fine. It's VISA cards that apparently don't. Just as an aside, was shopping at Mega Bangna this past weekend, and happened past the BofC branch there, which is in the banking section with the other Thai bank branches. Strolled over to take a look at the two BofC ATM machines there, and both had paper taped over the screens indicating they were out of order. Asked one of the staff standing around when they might be back in service, and he said by the start of the new week (this past Monday). I've had similar issues elsewhere. They don't seem to keep up with their ATMs as well as might be expected.
  13. Unless you click a "Like" on the wrong Facebook page. Or publish any satire or parody of a particular leader. Or try to engage in a public protest over anything that isn't allowed to be protested about, etc etc etc. In those cases, you're apt to find a police squad knocking on your door early some morning.
  14. I kind of wondered what the local police chief was doing out there at the scene of the crime...
  15. My wife watched one of the YouTube reports on this, and while I don't trust her Thai-English translation to any great extent, she's indicating there was some element of the woman posting on Facebook about supposedly not being paid back by someone whom she had loaned money to???