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  1. It's hard for anybody to argue the climate isn't changing. It is. The cause is not 100% known. No doubt humans are having an impact. To what extent?
  2. It just keep getting crazier:
  3. Hopefully, this is just a bump on the road back to democracy. At least Thailand's version of it. LOL But we're off topic.
  4. Sadly, they might be proven wrong. Again. Impossible to control the crazies during Songkran. Well, possible, but not with this police force.
  5. Name one army dictatorship that's doing well? And one that provides proper support for their people. Just one. No matter what, I can guarantee you wouldn't want to live there.
  6. I just saw a news report where the administration is saying they have no idea whom Nunes met with at the White House. Which is actually a lie as every visitor, even those with high clearance levels, get logged upon entry. What a BS administration.
  7. A vast majority of these vans are owned by one person. Hmmm....Perhaps some good ol' competition is due?
  8. I avoid sites with articles when I see things like MSM bias, progressives, etc. And articles like this! Click Bait.
  9. The democrats are against this, republicans are divided. Never going to get passed. More wasted time and money. Time to start focusing on things that are important. And can actually get accomplished. Crazy times.
  10. Seems Numes is causing problems. By not saying who gave him recent intelligence. Rumors are he's in cahoots with the White House. Makes sense. Another coverup?
  11. Unless laws are properly enforced, you won't change people's behaviors. What reduced drunk driving fatalities in the US (and most other countries) were draconian consequences for this. Not a speech made by the leader of the country. Try driving under the influence in Europe. Best of luck with that one.
  12. Hopefully they'll go after the government officials that allowed this to happen. And made money doing so.
  13. Lots of articles out there about it. Here's a few: You can get more details if you search for this: In the Bangkok Post. Can't put a link here.
  14. 55555 That's entirely possible! Luckily, a majority of congress is smarter than that. Though some definitely are not! Especially Trump. They are very moderate Muslims. Rarely saw a head scarf while there. Parts of the country are quite nice.