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  1. Normal Thai behaviour. She had a new bike, hadn't bothered to read the manual and so didn't know how to open the tank. She would never admit responsibility and that it was her fault that she didn't know about her own bike so she blamed the attendant. Yet another five-year old in an adult body.
  2. Something I've often pondered over. I lean towards the former, which means the tv companies have a lot to answer for. But we know that.
  3. That's the Thai way. Any benefit gained by jailing her? It isn't as if she's likely to be a repeat offender.
  4. True. A friend of mine had his house robbed, and they found the keys to his SUV so stole that too. The same day the so-called security guard at the housing complex disappeared. The police refused to investigate unless they were paid 100,000 baht.
  5. Thanks. But I'm a complete novice when it comes to android boxes, and I've read over and over that Kodi can be challenging to set up.
  6. Whichever way, the box was left unlocked and the squirrel could get in, or there were uninsulated (bare) wires left. Neither is good, or professional.
  7. The day before the building that is now the Intercontinental Hotel in Bangkok was due to open an air conditioner exploded and caused a massive fire when led to people being airlifted off the roof by clinging on to the helicopter runners. scary. There was a sprinkler system in place as required by law, but there is no law that says it must be turned on. Guess if it was turned on.
  8. So the fuse box was left unlocked for any person or animal to enter? Very professional.
  9. I've been tossing up whether to use internet tv instead of a True satellite, and the last couple of days have provided the answer from an unexpected source. I'm really only interested in BBC/Sky News and the football and so have been reasonably content with the True Football tv package which has also needed me to buy a basic Family package - total cost 600 baht. In addition I use UKTV which appears to have the UK's freeview channels and probably a few more, which is free and has catch-up. But the last two nights I've lost long periods of the football coverage because it has rained. I have never in the past two years since I've had a very good connection from CAT had the internet go down because of a bit of rain, so my mind has been made up for me. It's an aspect I hadn't considered before. What really pisses me off is when the signal is lost they blame you the customer and tell you to check your box, when it is they who are unable to provide a service when it rains. I've not come across that anywhere else. The only decision I need to make now is which deal to go for. Pulse will give me the sport, but IVIEWHD has far more channels, and IPTV has those same channels but with catch-up. The last one though is expensive at nearly 13,000, or 15,000 depending on which of their websites you look at.
  10. Article 44 should be axed and civilians tried in normal courts, Amnesty International says. Yes, and now what? Any point in their declaration?
  11. And if you were in your own country would you blame your President or PM for crooked behaviour?
  12. I used to get a marriage visa from the consulate in Melbourne. Used to be a simple matter when an Aussie was in charge but then he retired and a Thai took over. And then it became a hassle, with extra document demands and then a photo scam. My photo was refused as unsuitable and I was directed to a Thai-owned pharmacy nearby. Earlier applicants were there waiting for their photos, and more came in after me.
  13. And the squirrel absolves the authorities from any responsibility for the fire, and so no compensation to be paid. Clever. Anyone see where they REALLY found the squirrel? Sorry, but when it comes to money and/or accepting responsibility in Thailand it is easy to be cynical.
  14. .'Fireman said they had the blaze under control in thirty minutes but there was considerable damage done to the property and its contents.' No kidding!
  15. No. If you want to go to the region then Nong Khai is a better place to visit. Has a river to eat beside.