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  1. If only he was president and his party had control of both the house and senate.........
  2. I don't understand. During the campaign when asked how he would accomplice the things he said her would . Trump said: I dont want to reveal my strategy so they can defend against it. I am smart very smart, I will get them all in room and get it done! So what was the problem? He could not get a room??
  3. There was this guy who bred six legged chickens, because everybody loves chicken legs the most. There was only one problem with them Nobody could catch them to kill them. LOL
  4. if Trump is removed from office the VP becomes president, if both then the speaker of the House .Then the president pro tempore of the Senate and if all fails the white-house gardener . Hillary would become President when hell freezes over. or marries the gardener. LOL
  5. as I said if the policy against religious symbols is applied evenly among all religions, then, IMO, it would not be discrimination based on religion preference but rather a business decision. But if Muslims are prevented of wearing a hijab but Christians can wear a cross then there would be a problem. Even is the policy is applied evenly among all religions, it might inoculate the company from a complain against discrimination among religions but not inoculate them against discriminating against religion in general. A case can be made of discriminating between secularism and religion. Certainly not a simple issues as some would have as believe, Peoples sensibilities and ability to earn a living has to be considered . And yes I do think it is pathetic that someone would complain because some one was wearing a hijab, unless the complainant demonstrated significant harm to him and his business.
  6. Personally as an atheist I dont have any use for religious symbols, especial at the work place, but I dont support the discrimination of any group regardless how misguided such group might, be as long as it can be shown that said behavior is harming others .If indeed that's the case and the policy is enforced universally then I don't see a problem.
  7. For years while we needed their services we benefited from their low wage labor. We covertly invited them here with a wink a nod. They made lives here many of them with children who have never known any country other than the US. If their behavior was illegal wouldn't also those who benefited by said "illegal" behavior be also culpable . If they are to be punished for their illegal behavior what should our collective punishment be ? Remember it takes two to tango.
  8. Will this include all religious head wear or just Muslim?
  9. Atheism is a religion as much as abstinence is a sexual position
  10. colorful ,cost efficient, and just as affective
  11. TVF continues to go crazy LOL (Sbmited my post three times)
  12. TVF going crazy again (multiple submission)
  13. LOL if religions are outlawed and non religion is outlawed , then everyone on earth would be outlawed.
  14. Do you blame him? but he should had added "or as long as he continues to back me"
  15. not true, he promised to repeal it and replace it with a lower cost option that would cover everyone