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  1. Warrington's dismal start to the season continues. It looks likely that they'll be in the Middle 8s come the end of the season. Maybe I'll start supporting Leigh...
  2. It's not all I want to do. Sometimes, I want a thirst-quenching drink with my dinner. Sometimes, I want a drink while sitting in a go-go bar. Sometimes I want a drink while out on a social evening with my friends or colleagues. I've always found either Singha or Chang adequate, though depending on the venue, there may be alternatives available that I prefer. I don't know about you, but I still kid myself that I don't drink solely for the sake of getting drunk If you can get over that hurdle, vodka is probably efficient, effective, cheap and maybe even relatively healthy, given the alternatives. Personally, I don't believe in spirits. SC
  3. I ride my bike for fun, and I think there are health benefits as well. I sometimes cycle instead of driving, though only rarely. (maybe twice a month to the pub, once a month to the bank, and less than once a month to work). I rarely choose to go out without a helmet, though occasionally I have forgotten; and on one or two occasions I took the view that the 3 km ride didn't justify lugging my sweaty helmet round the bank - no-one likes to smell a sweaty helmet. I am told that some countries enforce compulsory helmets for cyclists. What do you think about that? Many people clamour for segregated bicycle lanes to make it safer to cycle. My experience of cycle lanes is that they are inadequately maintained, and at the weekend, when there is less traffic and drivers are more courteous, you are as well cycling on the road (to be fair, on the roads concerned I have never tried to cycle during the week). To my mind, roads can be made safer for cycling without the land-take of segregated cycling lanes, by thoughtful design. Cycling lanes generate the impression that cyclists should not be on the road, so until the cycle lane network is 100% coverage, they militate against the freedom of cyclists. Pedestrians, playing children, cyclists and horses were on our streets long before cars were. We need to make sure that our cities remain safe for people, regardless of the desires of the machines that we ride. SC
  4. Should safety be forced on cyclists with the heavy iron fist of the law?
  5. Do you have a favourite cycling beer? Normally we'll drink cider after a ride, with a preference for draft, for cost reasons. And a preference for special offers, for the same reasons. Tiger a while back brought out a Radler (lager lemonade in slightly stronger quantities than normal shandy) but generally not available on draught - I guess there might not be enough cyclists about to justify it SC
  6. I have to say that I think "Hate" is like, too strong a word, man. You need to like, lighten up a little, dude; know what I mean?
  7. Do you have any data to back that up? Out of interest, when you do give money to help someone, why do you do it? I do it because they may be in need, and I would like to see them able to carry on their life not hobbled by a trivial shortage of funds. Whether I have misread the situation, and they are in fact a scurrilous rogue pan-handling on the generosity of the naive is a matter of a few pennies only. Their dishonesty is less important to me than my willingness to help a person in need. That said, I think you should pay for what you want. If you want more beggars, pay for them. If you want more people to afford a bus fare home, pay for them. SC
  8. I find both Singha and Chang work pretty well.
  9. Cycling is a great hobby. I'm sorely, and in my opinion prematurely, afflicted with arthritis, but I can cycle 100 km better than I can walk 2 km SC
  10. I can't believe you were a pensioner when you went to school. Have you always been old? SC
  11. I've not been posting so much on the Live Rugby League forum, since Astro started showing most of their games as delayed telecast. You have to wonder whether this could be a contributor to Warrington's dismal form this season, though it's good to see Leigh doing well since their promotion SC
  12. Warrington are really struggling. I can't believe it's the same team that won so convincingly against Brisbane Broncos. It seems like anything could happen this season - Leigh for the League Leaders' Shield? SC
  13. Is she there? Sorry mate, she's gone. Who is she, anyway? Where did you get the number? * Maybe you could try Directory Enquiries... I'll give it a go Brrr...Brrr... * I've never heard that in a reggae stylee before...
  14. For gentle comedy that makes you smile, rather than laugh, you can't beat Gregory's Girl, or Richard Demarco's portrayal of himself in That Sinking Feeling