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  1. The excuses. A nation of children I tell you.
  2. Whenever I went to Khao Yai Nat'l Park, I (american) showed my Thai driver's license, and then they only charged me the Thai price... not sure if same holds true for Samed etc....
  3. I'd love to open a restaurant in America and if a hi-so visitor from Thailand came in, I'd surprise them with a bill that was double the menu prices. When they called it out I'd explain that they're rich enough to travel overseas, therefore richer than the average American, so they should pay. ;-)
  4. Not for me to judge, but if they do want to end all the prostitution, they should consider alternative employment for the estimated 27,000 prostitutes and the 100,000s of others that feed off the industry. For if you take away all their employment, I'd assume crime would skyrocket, along with hunger. I don't think this workforce could easily be absorbed by the tescos, big c's, and makros.
  5. Really? That's what is fun about it for me. I choose to spend my time in Thailand because it isn't the west. If I wanted English all the time I could move back home. Take the time to learn Thai and you'll get so much more out of this place, including even warmer treatment from Thais.
  6. What an idiotic headline. Was it written as sensationalist click bait? 'Booted off' suggests something negative happened, when in reality this woman's go at becoming miss universe was an admirable success. The reporter obviously didn't do any research. There were to be 12 initial finalists out of the 86 or so at the start. But due to overwhelming fan support via online voting they added a 13th. She braved it through several rounds with great answers in at least 2 out of 3 questions. She kept surprising us by making it through those rounds. She also is the daughter of a maid and she herself has been working odd jobs since age 10. Nice to see someone in Thailand not from hi-so family get an opportunity like this. The show even called her the 'fan favorite.' Hardly booted off stage!
  7. I don't think CK would ever design something that tacky.
  8. Nothing will ever happen. Sorry if that is too pessimistic for some. But nothing will ever happen. Here is why: 1. The authorities do not understand all the measures that need to be enacted in order to stop the daily carnage. 2. They couldn't be bothered to enact them even if they knew what they were. Nothing will ever happen.
  9. So, for once, the brakes actually worked on a minivan?
  10. Mai pen rai! As they say. As long as P Lek gets enough money for a new Mercedes all is forgiven!!!
  11. Perhaps he was looking at her past and that's what made her attractive to him. Let's not assume anything!
  12. Yes China has achieved 10 out of the 20 most polluted cities in the world. Great myopic viewpoint Mr T.
  13. It does have enough in common to question, but sorry, it is simply too late. Should have been handled decades ago.
  14. Pretty negative feedback here. If he can make a point about all the plastic waste thrown in our oceans from this, than great. Not many realize how much plastic is dumped in our waters. I also like how he involved local students etc. good on him for this I say. A healthier habit than most of us.