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  1. ...and so the million dollar question...who is the mafia controllers....
  2. Double Tax Agreement http://www.rd.go.th/publish/766.0.html
  3. I got a new Be1st Rabbit Visa card just a few weeks ago in Phuket after first have got a new Union pay card when my old Be1st visa was misused. The Union thing is a waist and I personally believe it will be terminated in the future. The fee for a Be1st Rabbit visa was Thb 100,- When it comes to branches and staff I get the feeling that in some instances the branches are using to inexperienced young people.
  4. Isn't section 44 there to take care of serious offences like this........
  5. Oh yes, with better roads, more traffic education, traffic cameras everywhere and better understanding of how dangerous the mixture of alcohol and motor vehicles are the fatalities are as high as two decades ago.......what can it be
  6. Talk about stock of cards (not visa). I got a short glimpse in the clerks drawer when he opened it and I'm sure he had had enough Union pay cards there to serve most of the Bangkok bank customers in this province.
  7. I got the card you've pictured above some time ago when my old card was misused and IMO UnionPay is mildly said not applicable to anything else than withdraw money and shopping in a few stores where it is well know where the owners /investors come from. However today I went to the Bangkok Bank head branch in the province I live to ask for a "Be1st smart visacard" as I had before and after a few straight lies in my face from the male clerk about only Union pay card available a female clerk took over and I will be issued a Be1st Rabbit (BTW, what name is that to call a payment card) Visa smart card but have to wait a week before I receive it. So, it appears Bangkok Bank has made the decision to push their TPN-UnionPay card aggressively and may indeed be dropping Visa within X-years. I doubt that they will drop either Visa or MasterCard. If they do it will be a loss for the Thai population which not can be weighed up with cards based on the shopping by Chinese tour groups visiting some high end shopping centres in the West.
  8. Seriously ...... is business hours a real theme when a country needs military governance to control their citizens. Perhaps an enclosure is a better solution.
  9. Thank you very much for that information.
  10. We have been happily married for 15 years and counting..... I have through the years mention for my wife now and then that she should have kept here "Thai last name" as at least a middle name. Now and due to inheritance from here father which was a respectable and influential person in their province and fire siblings who shall share both land, property and bank assets she have start to think that it maybe could be an idea to change her name back to here maiden name. Is this possible when she already changed name 15 years and have my last name on everything from driving licenses to previous inherited land from both of the parents? Thanks Felt
  11. New provincial hall, so nice and this will raise the quality of life for the locals
  12. Unfortunately did I not read the other tread here on TV regarding Union pay before I went to the bank and actually have never heard about union pay before. With my previous Be1st I had it was even possible to shop in stores back home but I have never seen a Union pay sign back home! Anyway will test tomorrow at an ATM and also shopping.
  13. I ment of course new ATM card and I got a new already and the Bank is investigating the transaction. I was lucky with Bank employee today so it went relatively quick. Btw, also overheard some info (when my new card was issued) about new ATM cards under implementation in all Thai banks this year due to new provisions from Visa and Mastercard and something about Union pay. Btw, this card I got today is white with chip but no visa sign on but sign from Union pay and Thai payment network. The old one was blue also with chip and visa sign! New one most likely restrict me to take out and deposit money Felt.
  14. I think at least I can say that it is a transaction and not a cash machine withdrawal. The amount is xx57.30 and as far as I know difficult to withdraw that amount from ATMs. Problem is I haven't bought anything in a shop here for that amount and either have I used the card online since last year. But I sit and wonder if it can be a online company previously used by me which have done a mistake and charged me. Anyway hope to get info from the Bank after the holiday about what it is so I eventually can use the account or cancel it. Btw,Is it difficult to get a new account this days for a retired foreigner? Thanks Felt.