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  1. Just give him back the pills and put him on a one-way flight to the Philippines, or Malaysia.
  2. Ask your airline what they will accept for proof on onward travel, they're the ones that can best answer your question and the ones whose policies you have to satisfy.
  3. Apparently it was in the UK. The story was published in the Mirror, but doesn't name where the little pooper pinched the loaf.
  4. I was at Fortune Town today, and from what I could see, all of the stores selling computers and peripherals were open. I didn't go near the area where the fire was, but the fire was toward the Rama IX end of the mall, on the other side of the office tower from where most of the computer shops are located. Where the fire was, is mostly stereo and camera shops. To answer the original post, in my opinion, Fortune Town is the best place to buy computer "stuff."
  5. Our daughter started swimming lessons at 3 yrs. old, and she's now an expert swimmer. It was well worth the time and effort, as my wife and I never had to worry about her safety around a pool or water. I couldn't agree more, teach your kids how to swim, for their safety and your peace of mind.
  6. My True Online internet works very well after experiencing quite a bit of trouble, rarely do I see a slowdown in speeds and it hasn't dropped in almost a year. The problems we did have were about a year ago when it went down about twice a week, they would come out the next day and check the lines (away from our house) and do something to get it working again, but it would soon go out again. I have the package deal that combines True Online with Truevisions, and lo and behold, after about 4 or 5 outages and complaints, they actually lowered my bill for one month by about 800 Baht. I was quite surprised when they told me they were going to lower my bill for one month after the slew of outages. I can attest to the fact that they do indeed credit your account if you're experiencing a lot of problems. Finally they did something that fixed the problem once and for all, and it hasn't gone out in almost a year. I was very close to switching providers, but as long as it keeps working well, I'll stick with them.
  7. For someone trying to get over a broken relationship, there may be no better place.
  8. Free versions can be fine for many people, but I find that it's cheap enough to get better anti-virus protection with quite a few more features for very little money. I tried Avast, and although pretty good, there were far too many false positives for me. Here's the most recent ratings from PC Magazine: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2372364,00.asp I use Norton and I'm very satisfied. I've also used Kaspersky and liked it, as well as Bitdefender which I liked, but for me, it increased my boot-up time from about 30 seconds to about two minutes which was completely unacceptable. If you find the Thai download site for the various antivirus vendors, the prices will be considerably less than the US or European sites. For example, Norton (Thailand) Security Deluxe charges 2199 THB (approx. $62 US) for two years and 5 devices, while the US site charges $99.99 US for the same product. http://buy-static.norton.com/norton/ps/3up_th_en_navnis360_brandnfr.html?om_sem_cid=hho_sem_ic:th:ggl:en:b|kw0000004480|177109601244|c&country=TH
  9. I would rather the power is cut on a Sunday during the day. We can always go somewhere and it's only 7 hours in most cases. Most nights, at least for me, I can't sleep without at least a fan on. At least they're not doing it in April...I hope.
  10. I agree with the Xiaomi advocates, my next phone will be a Xiaomi. I've done a fair amount of research and looked carefully at the specs, for what a Samsung S7 or iPhone costs, you can get just a comparable phone for less than half the price.
  11. Thanks for your obvious first-hand knowledge of Thai men's penis sizes. It sounds like you really know your stuff. Although I don't "play for the other team" such as yourself, I do respect your right to have same-sex relationships.
  12. There's no shortage of good pizzas in Bangkok these days, much better than 10 years ago or so. However, I was in Hua Hin a month ago and was told to try Pizza Garden there. Hands down the best pizza I've had in Thailand.
  13. They do have similar signs at Chang Wattana. I don't believe they enforce the dress codes though, but I was always told by my wife to wear long pants, decent shoes and a shirt with a collar when going to any government office. I certainly can't say whether it can affect whether or not your extension or whatever you're applying for will be approved, but it sure can't hurt.
  14. There always seems to be a Furniture Fair or Furniture Expo going on, and I did purchase some items at a big Furniture Fair/Expo at Impact Arena years ago. I think it's worth having a look, although you can probably get just as good prices or better shopping around. There are hundreds of vendors at those fairs and it can save you a lot of time driving around the city and going to each individual store. I was able to get a very nice custom bed, a mattress that wasn't as hard as a rock, a vacuum cleaner and a sofa at the fair. The prices were pretty good and there are many things you won't see elsewhere, like the custom-made bed I bought.
  15. There's quite a few sites that will live stream the inauguration, here's a good list: http://www.vulture.com/2017/01/how-to-watch-stream-inauguration-online.html