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  1. RIP Ronnie Moran. what a true giant of the game, what a football man. proper legend.
  2. directions written in braille?
  3. haha. and you're presumably 12 years old.
  4. i've a couple of united fan mates back home who simply cannot stand mourinho. they didn't want him in the first place and nothing he's done this season, even winning the league cup, has convinced them to like him. think they might be a bit more traditional dyed in the wool united fans than Mr Ed though.
  5. that's about the size of it. ferguson's achievements with united were amazing, every fan has to admit that however grudgingly. would probably have helped his legacy a bit if he'd done it not being such a spiteful, bitter, graceless, charmless, manipulative, bullying c*nt of course.
  6. it's a strange post certainly.
  7. not as far as i am aware BB. he's a good lad and a proper pro is milner. which made it all the stranger.
  8. that's doubling down on the stupidity then. i think liverpool fans who book sterling are dicks, but there's at least a tenuous link to being annoyed at him for what he/his agent said about the club at the time. city fans booing milner is worryingly stupid. these people are allowed to vote and drive cars.
  9. quite funny to hear roy keane laying into mourinho:
  10. bunch of sh*thouses. i've lost a lot of respect for the players who pulled off that incredible title win last season. way they stopped playing for ranieri and then stabbed him in the back was disgraceful.
  11. there's nothing like keeping a bit of perspective is there?
  12. play phil jones centre mid with a detail to kick the crap out of eden hazard. tell your other players to do the same and try to rotate the fouls. then when it backfires on you, throw on your sunday league beanpole midfielder who's better at elbowing people than he is at football. tactical genius that mourinho bloke.
  13. found the "judas" chants quite amusing. even the chelsea loyalists have finally turned on the sh*thouse mourinho now. his posturing at conte was funny. i watched conte play a lot during his career, he was a hard sod. he'd batter mourinho silly.
  14. it's overhaul time really. the three you mention there who we miss are all injury-prone. lovren seems to be one of them who gets a tiny knock in training but it somehow keeps him out for five matches. you can't rely on lads like that and we really need to build a centre back partnership of two reliable units, matip plus one. and lovren's injury record is making him not that one. so we need to sign a first choice CB in the summer. pay what it takes for van dijk or michael keane. think sturridge isn't just done for the season, he's done at liverpool. be amazed if he's still here after the summer. poor lad can't run any more so sadly he's no use to us.
  15. yeah, as klopp said post-match it is nice to win ugly for a change. wasn't a lot by way of positives to take away from that though. four teenagers on the bench and woodburn coming on for coutinho kind of sums up where we're at.