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  1. That seems like a very light sentence for someone with previous convictions for abusing kids and who has already broken the conditions imposed by the Courts. Canada is quite a liberal country - which is their right - but, IMHO, they need to be far more strict with their citizens who commit child abuse in other countries. I just wonder what sentence he would have received if he had been abusing Canadian kids.
  2. Yes. But that is a very easy thing to do on a PCX.
  3. No. Wrapping can be in a plain colour or a pre-printed design. It's just a sheet of vinyl molded and glued to the plastic or metal panel. If you want a painted design there will be no vinyl. The painter will just prime the surface and lay the paint. I expect that neither will be cheap - but you will have something unique. There are plenty of custom paint jobs and vinyl on scooters and bikes (and tuk-tuks) here. I suggest you have a chat with some owners and find out where they got their work done - maybe your Honda dealer can point you in the right direction.
  4. Found this Bangkok company with Google. This PCX has been wrapped... Another idea - how about getting the panel sprayed in the colours/design of your national flag.
  5. Vinyl sheets of plain colour or artwork are applied to the plastic panels. Like this... Don't know where you will find them in your area. Maybe search for custom bike sites or PCX clubs.
  6. I believe that quote is from the link in post #165. That linked article is from a company named Thai Visa Express. I don't think there is any connection with Thaivisa. This topic is correctly titled "Where can Thai people go...." and the OP was asking where he could go with his girl.
  7. Biker looks like he was wearing leathers. Let's hope so, otherwise he will not have much skin left. He missed the bobcat and found a rare 100 M stretch with no concrete posts or trees, then got a fairly soft landing in the water - not just the pedestrian who was lucky.
  8. Last time I was in Siam Expat Foods shop I saw them, but that was quite a few weeks ago. Worth a visit if you live within striking distance.