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  1. That the toddler was left alone was as irresponsible as the headline is ridiculous.
  2. I won't argue with that but it might take a couple of years to complete the departure.
  3. What facts are those then?
  4. Can't wait! Oh, hang on, I already did that! A Christmas present maybe?
  5. Grouse has yet to explain anything!
  6. Yes, lock up the old fuddy-duddies all and one, why not? And lower the voting age to whenever the kids can tick a box!
  7. The EU principle of primacy means that EU law prevails if it conflicts with national law. Many EU regulations become UK law immediately and automatically, without needing UK approval, which is given as part of The Treaty of Rome (1972). I have seen Prof. Dougan, who is is funded by the EU and is a solid supporter of it, so his views are obviously biased.
  8. I am aware of the origins of the EU, thanks. The aim of European political union was certainly not explained clearly to the British voters at the time! Heath said “There are some in this country who fear that in going into Europe we shall in some way sacrifice independence and sovereignty. These fears, I need hardly say, are completely unjustified.” He deliberately lied, as he feared that he would lose support for the UK's application to the EEC, referred to as the "common market" at the time. That's what most people in the UK assumed it was - a market - that's all! The national identities which you refer to have endured as there has been no pressure for any peoples to lose them, up until now. The influence of the EU will strengthen in member countries, as the EU superstate emerges and their identities are cast aside. My primary issue is with sovereignty, which eventually would be lost completely by any member of this club.
  9. You do not consider that, during the 1970's, the original (ever closer union) intent of the EEC>EU was hidden from the British public before entry in 1973 and before the (confirmation) referendum of 1975. There was no internet and the small print was intentionally well hidden anyway. This information was not formally disclosed until the turn of the century. If the Heath government had not lied, and if this information had been freely available at the time, then UK voters would not have approved joining in the first place and we would not be having this debate at all.
  10. As usual you don't explain yourself. You just tell others that they are wrong. You never say why! I hold a good degree but university fees are not my main worry as far as all kids in the UK are concerned.
  11. I live in Thailand but I remain a patriot and I still care about the UK. I especially care about the youngsters in my family that have their lives to begin in the UK. The only passport I have is issued by the UK and there is no telling if I might need to make use of the "right of abode" feature in the future. I don't continually rant about this, however the same cannot be said of the majority of the pro EU camp. Your concerns are obviously selfish - but don't worry about the pound - it will be far stronger and better than the (Euro) alternative in the long-term.
  12. Well I did say almost!
  13. I have a long list - PROMISED A MONTH AGO BUT NEVER DELIVERED! I am not sure you have the intellectual capacity to understand any of them if you have no idea whatever. CONDESCENDING! Like most wise people, I saw pros and cons. Numpties are of course single ( small ) minded. ARROGANT AND NARROW MINDED! ALL IN ALL A TYPICAL GROUSY POST
  14. Still waiting for your elusive list of positives, Mr Grouse!
  15. it's a 50-seater