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  1. That rat will get 44 ed, plus the chef regards worgeordie
  2. Just because you pay your maid the minimum wage of 300 THB,and feel good about it, don't assume that all maids would work for that ,as i know for a fact that is not the case. and trying to defend your situation with LOL,LOL, is immature,400-500 THB is not put aside I stand by what I say, so you think all maids work for 300 THB ??,or do you just assume because your maid does,that they all do, you need to widen your horizons,what happens in Mae Rim,does not mean that its the same in all of Chiang Mai.but that might be a stretch for you to comprehend . regards worgeordie
  3. I never base anything on assumptions,just my wife talks to the maids that work in our area,friends of her friends,and none of them work for 300 THB per day ,up in Mae Rim,it maybe 300 THB, there been less job opportunities, thats a fact !!!!, anyway if it makes you feel good,paying someone the absolute minimum wage to clean your toilets,etc, go on give the lady a pay rise 100 THB would make a big difference to her,and might even make you feel good,? regards worgeordie
  4. I don't employ a maid,I have a hard working wife who would never think of anyone else doing the housework,and she is not an old Sheila,as you refer to your good lady, The rate for the city and urban areas will be 400-500 THB,as it's not easy to find a decent maid, back up in the wilds of Beverly Hills,300 THB,could well be the going rate. and if I am a Galah,does that make you a Wombat, take it easy E/S,CD player knackered have missed your reports of your latest tunes. it's a Dr.Feelgood ,hot afternoon from me.
  5. There was a program on the BBC about canned food,how long was it good for ,and they had a tin of Sardines,40 + years old,price still on it 1/6, they opened it up and it was still perfect,and they did sample it,so if tins are not damaged,rusty they should be ok for years. regards Worgeordie
  6. Did he not personally deliver the passports,to his master in Dubai, 5 years ban from politics,that means he will be ready for the next election. regards Worgeordie
  7. So there were 55 witnesses standing around while he attacked the girl, I suspect most of them were called to attest to his excellent character and good deeds, lets hope he gets exactly what he deserves . regards worgeordie
  8. Dirk,I think ,you are thinking too much,just come,bring all the money you have,when it runs out ,return to the grindstone and earn more, return to Thailand if you like it,its that simple. regards worgeordie
  9. Takes a long time to clean the Didgeridoo, 300 THB is been a cheap charlie,look on it as these people are self employed ,plus travel to and from your residence,like someone else said the days of cheap labour are over.the same people who want to pay as little as possible for a worker,do not baulk at buying a case of beer.! regards worgeordie
  10. He will put a sick note in,too many oysters last night. might be able to make it next year. regards worgeordie
  11. Stealing from the Public purse,a serious crime,which happens far too often, in the past it seemed not to be taken seriously,with a handful of people been taken to court,even fewer to prison. Corruption flourishes because the perpetrators have very little to fear if they ever got caught, UNTIL now,just what is needed,someone had to be made an example of,to let others at least think twice before the engage in corrupt practices,let's hope the threat of hard time works,but greed is a strong motivation, so it might need a few more going to jail,before we see a change of attitudes. regards worgeordie
  12. With this hot weather and no A/c in room only fans, at the moment I am running 2 mini PC,s a Zotac AD12 with HDD and temperature is 47 C with small fan to give extra cooling,without fan 53 C the other PC an Aopen DE45 with Samsung SSD is 48C with extra fan for cooling,55 C without fan, are these temperatures acceptable, how hot are yours getting? regards Worgeordie
  13. What about a mini pc,I have several for sale on BahtSold.ThaiVisa Classifieds they are not your normal tower PC regards worgeordie
  14. I might be stating the obvious,but does it have a small bubble like thing on the engine,you press that in and out and it will draw the petrol into carb.if it does not have the bubble ,maybe some other priming device on it. regards worgeordie
  15. Seems he is already dressed in Black,for the upcoming funerals, regards worgeordie