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  1. Quite a bit of flooding today in Rayong!!
  2. The corruption here starts from within, at the top within, that is the only way other nationalities corrupt activities can exist so freely!! Remove the plank from your own eye before you try to remove the speck of sawdust from someone elses eye!!
  3. The amount of money "flooding" into Isaan from working girls in Pattaya is miniscule compared to the amount coming from the hundreds of thousands of Isaan people employed at Mapthaput, Amata, Hemaraj and any of the other industrial areas around the Eastern seaboard!!
  4. No, they just like to hump motorcycle seats!!!
  5. Good luck with that!!
  6. No kidding, i took this picture at Utapao last year, this was one Chinese persons carry on baggage, 9 bags, yes 9 bags!!!! Most of the other Chinese passengers had similar but this one parked opposite me!! What a stramash!!!
  7. Rice usually and occasionally coal for the power stations - sorry to burst the rubbish dumping conspiracy bubble!!
  8. The squirrel population must be getting nervous now, thats two incidents they have been responsible for in the last few days, much more and the exterminators will be out to eradicate them all!!! Run little squirrels....hide!!!
  9. Wrong again.
  10. Correct, i just did it last Thursday, you download the forms online, including the credit card payment form, then most important...YOU MUST MAKE AN APPOINTMENT with the UK Visa application centre, you give them a choice of three dates and they e mail you back with an appointment. Once you are in the Trendy building the process is very swift, about 10 minutes, they give you a receipt which you must show when they call you to collect. You keep your old passport.
  11. Probably a lot more than is being told in this report....
  12. A grand total of 3000 baht fines between them, yep - that is sure going to give them a lesson they wont forget in a hurry!!
  13. They had a park there already but built a green elephant of parking garage on it.......maybe that is the plan for here too....make a park and build a car park on it!!
  14. Our company is BOI registered, fast track in and out for us with the letter. Initially you had to have a letter every time but now the letter expires when your visa does, in our case visas and work permit are valid for two years under the BOI.
  15. More advertising on the way :-(