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  1. Yes. It's the old style 'switchblade' that we are looking for. The show is from the 1950's. However, we may need to settle for something more modern as long as it's not to chunky as a lot of those that I'm seeing are. I have seen some assisted opening style that are small enough to pass. We need them quick so may have to settle for what we can get. Thanks!
  2. Twelve Angry Men. Thanks for your help!
  3. I've volunteered to look for props for an upcoming play. I thought I knew exactly where to find a switchblade knife. Actually, two identical ones are needed. I've been to the Night Bazzar where I saw them a long time ago but now they don't carry them. Anyone know where to find this type of knife? As I said, they will be props in a show, so I'm not looking for quality just appearance. Thanks
  4. Here's the poster. Friday is sold out already.
  5. Last evening I had the privledge of attending a preview performance of this highly acclaimed stage play and want to help get the word out. The Gate Theater Group has put togeteher another riveting drama in their staging of The Exonerated. The play is made from interviews, letters, transcripts, case files and the public record and tells the true stories of six wrongfully convicted survivors of death row in their own words. The play runs ninety-minute and moves between first-person monologues and scenes set in courtrooms and prisons. The six interwoven stories paint a picture of an American criminal justice system gone horribly wrong—and of six brave souls who persevered to survive it. I highly recommend this production, especially to anyone who is on the fence in regards to the overall fairness of the death penalty. The show opens tonight with additional performances on Friday & Saturday at 7:00 pm. Sunday at 2:00 pm. Tickets are 300 baht in advance and 350 at the door. Last night I was told that tonight's performance was nearly sold out. I have a poster but it's too big for my scanner. I'll try to find one online and post it later.
  6. Okay. Thanks again. However, it looks like someone has been there within the last 2 weeks with the same results that I encountered. The last time I used the VIP pass I was in Chiang Rai and wanted to go to the duty free shop just across the boarder. I paid my 100 baht.; my wife didn't need to pay. We didn't even bother to check into Myanmar. We went straight to the duty free and came right back across. It was worth the 100 baht but not the price of a reentry permit. Thanks to those with recent information on this subject.
  7. Okay. This is what I was told almost a year ago. Thanks
  8. Does anyone know if the one day boarder pass at Mae Sai available again. This requires that you pay a small fee on the Thai side, they make a copy of you passport and keep the original until you return to pick it up. No stamping of your passport. Approximately a year ago it wasn't available. Does anyone know if it's available again? I posted this a couple of momths ago here and a gentelman gave me the name of someone who might have info on this but I could never get in touch with that person. I posted in the Mayanmar forum as well and got no reply. Thanks
  9. Sadly, that's the trend on here. Strange, you don't read to many posts by Americans bashing any particular Country. I guess we don't travel enough to have enough ammunition.
  10. Is the one day boarder pass at Mae Sai available again. This requires that you pay a small fee on the Thai side, they make a copy of you passport and keep the original until you return to pick it up. No stamping of your passport. Approximately 9 months ago it wasn't available. Does anyone know if it's available again? Thanks
  11. Okay. Thanks.
  12. I was in Mae Sai approximately 9 months ago expecting to buy a day pass to do a little shopping across the boarder. However, I was told the pass was no longer available and that I would need to buy a reentry permit if I wanted to cross and come back. I did ask a couple of boarder patrol personell and was given the same story. Does anyone know if the pass is available again? Thanks
  13. I wouldn't call myself cheap. Like most anyone else, when I go shopping I like a bargain. How about you? Does that make you cheap? However, I'm not looking for a bargain here. I, as well as many others, have lived and worked here for a very long time. We pay taxes; a lot of taxes in some cases. We think the least we could be afforded is entrance to national parks at the fair rate. I'm not demanding it and I don't think not being admitted to the national parks at the Thai rate fits the definition of racism. It's just not fair because a portion of our taxes go for keeping up those parks I would think. For those of us who share a similar view, I wouldn't say we are desperate or sad. It is "the principal". Your altruistic view on the subject holds about as much water as a thimble. True enough, there are hoops to jump through for Thais who want to go to my country. What's that got to do with the price of fertilizer? When a Thai is successful at getting into my country, they can work in any job they are qualified to do, own land, build a house in their name, collect unemployment & social security, their children can collect social security if the bread winner is disabled or passes away, they won't be subjected to double pricing, they can go to public schools where they will actually learn something, in most cases, like how to find other countries on a map. And they don't have to worry about reporting in every 90 days. This is just a partial list of positives for Thais living legally in my country. Oh, and I don't go to the national parks here very often. Not because I can't afford it. I just don't think they are worth the price of admission.
  14. No... was 30 baht for foreigners.
  15. I have no problem with tourists or non-residents being charged more. But expats that actually live in Thailand, i.e., have a Thai drivers license or work permit, should be charged the same as Thai citizens. This is not right. Why is it not right ? Everyone knows that living in Thailand as a retiree or extended tourist being married to a Thai national or having Thai children affords very little recourse if any to public funds for health,social security nor are you afforded any special visa arrangements,why would you expect anything remotely the same as Thai nationals. It has to be one of the hardest countries in the world to actually raise a family as a foreigner or work unless you work for a multi national on an expat package. I am/was more offended by having to disclose my whereabouts every 90 days rather than being charged more to enter a national park. Your opinion has been well noted and you are quite entitled to it. It's not right because some of us work here and pay more in taxes than many Thai's make in a year. That in itself ought to be worth something! I don't care about 90 day reporting. My place of employment takes care of that for me.