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  1. You need to lay off your sponsors products, nip down to the Rhyl job centre and apply for a labouring job at the Bramley Moore site. Plenty of time though as they haven't borrowed the money to build it yet. (I'm sure the mayor and Liverpool Council Taxpayers will help out tho')
  2. Have a look at Royal Palace/Royal Palace Twins. Massive car park, two large pools , large twin/double rooms. They have family rooms as well so if you want, you might get away with 1 room for your group. Become a member on arrival and the discount you get takes effect immediately, Situated on 2nd road but set back about 50 metres so no traffic noise.
  3. ^ Might be a tad MOORE amusing if you could actually spell the address of your new ground #evertonarentwe Anyway...Reds won 4-3. Owen, Aldridge, Fowler and Gerrard with the goals.
  4. ^ And at least Michael Owen will be on the pitch.......and NOT in the commentary box!
  5. Squad for tonight. Kvarme...A true Legend
  6. Liverpool Legends vs Real Madrid. KO 10pm tonight (Thai time). Will be live on LFC TV and Astro SS3
  7. Nah.....Lincoln
  8. Stevie G took on 'Managerial' duties for the 1st time at under 18 level today. The result? Beat The Etihad's unstoppable team of mini-mega messis 2:0
  9. "It was a deliberate stamp...I saw it clearly"! Wayne Rooney.......#eyesinbackofhead
  10. In an emergency, I use the MOBDRO app on my phone. Perfect HD quality and minimal buffering. Has virtually every sports channel. (download is free btw) If you are on twitter, have a look for StreamKingsPlanet @TeamStreamKing It is getting great reviews and is providing streams for all sports.
  11. Sutton Utd's 1st choice keeper just went off injured. Get stripped Roly Poly....oh wait! (they don't have anyone else so the Right Back has the gloves!.... You couldn't make it up!)
  12. Here you go boys. Be careful what you wish for http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-4239242/David-Villa-sent-referee-uses-video-replay.html
  13. We did Stevie....Draxler......But PSG blew us out of the water wages wise...more than twice as much I heard Bugger has started brilliantly for them as well!
  14. Sometimes fishing can be too easy