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  1. It's one year later. Can someone by chance do some fact checking and provide a photo showing the new trees that were promised (or lack thereof)?
  2. Chiang Mai air quality has reached the very unhealthy bracket at 207.
  3. Undoubtedly the reason for the recent improvement is due to the strong storm system has blown into Thailand from the south. Related story: Upper parts of Thailand to experience tropical storm. This could conceivably be blowing the smokey air out of Thailand and into Burma. Later in the month is expected to be hot and dry, so prepare for worsening conditions accordingly.
  4. In today's news story Haze problem worsens in North as many provinces hit by wildfires: "Disease Control Department director Jessada Chokdamrongsuk recommended that vulnerable groups including the elderly, pregnant women, sick people and children should avoid going outside and wear face masks." The advice seems unrealistic especially considering it probably needs heeded for the next few months. What kind of an existence is that?
  5. Agree with your observations. Your conclusion is logical about it being a slip sheet, but the video explains the reason for the sheet is to guard against rising damp even though as you mention damp could seemingly find ways around it. Maybe just a case of Thailand being low-spec. Like in Thailand using 7.5cm thick q-con blocks for external walls would astonish people in other countries with concerns for suitability for that purpose. So perhaps things like thin blocks and low quality vapor barriers are just enough to work in most cases even though not totally bullet proof designs.
  6. The news story insinuates that in areas where pm 2.5 is available it is not being used: "(PM2.5) are still not part of the official Air Quality Index".
  7. According to q-con, a DPC is needed even if putting the blocks on beams like normally done in Thailand. You can watch the q-con demo below where they explain it (in thai).
  8. Isn't the whole idea of the AQI is so that the common people can get a single number that fits onto an easy to understand scale? Thus, people don't have to know what PM is or dissect different aspects of air quality to form a good understanding. It seems disingenuous for the government to release a fake AQI to the public that does not consider such a critically important factor pm2.5. The question is why are they deceiving the people?
  9. I tried to make the question as general as possible to maximize the usefulness of the thread to others. For my particular case, I need to fill external control joints in walls, so acrylic for instance won't be suitable.
  10. It's been touched on here a bit already, but an important news story has confirmed the government is manipulating the AQI to look better than it is by deliberately omitting dangerous PM2.5 particles. So not only is the government allowing air twice as bad as international standards to be classified as good air, they furthermore are not factoring in particles that are dangerously high in northern Thailand into the equation at all. This story kind of flew in under the radar so if interested: news story here.
  11. For slabs less than 70cm above grade, q-con wants a DPC installed under the blocks. If that's not a strong case for rising damp in Thailand, I don't know what is. I recall one gentleman who said his greatest regret building his house was not putting waterproofing under the walls due to the paint and mold problems that came about from rising damp.
  12. I am looking for silicone in colors other than the usual 2 or 3 seen in hardware stores. Suggestions for either stores or online options welcome. I need quite a large quantity.
  13. It's strange people are saying it's not as bad as last year. It's like waking up at 6am and proclaiming it's not as hot as the day before. Early days gentlemen, early days. The worst is in front of us as most of you know. But the air in the north has been somewhat crappy for the last 4 months which is typical. For comparison sake I am in Phetchabun, not north enough to be as bad as the far north, but the air is tainted and people suffer even here. Presently there's a rim of smog shrouding the horizon and only blue sky is seen if looking further up, visibility is limited to maybe 15 km, and the people are suffering from respiratory problems. When the worst time is upon us coming in the next few months the sun will disappear before reaching the horizon. I don't think there are air pollution monitoring stations here so the impacts are just gained from what is seen and felt. I can feel it in the nasal passages, throat, and eyes. Not as bad for me as others, but still noticeable. Disappears when going to Bangkok.
  14. I have heard about a number of houses where rising damp is a problem here causing paint to blister off. Watsadu for one has rolls of membrane up to 150 micron. Note that if you follow the q-con instructions, they want a DPC between the slab and the first course of the exterior wall. As far as building materials go, SCG is of better quality than others for everything I have seen so far. Price is also higher. I can't say which block adhesive is best, but when in doubt I always go with SCG.