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  1. It seems there will be no problem with increased queue lengths as there wil be less people coming as they are sick of the delays already. Now if that was for leaving understandable as security on flights is a problem though less risky than the busses.
  2. http://www.companyvauban.com/en/guide/legal/faq.html Trusts are illegal in thailand.
  3. Do not forget that the government has compete plans for many structures including possibly this one which are allready approved. In some cases they are close to free. Getting planning permision is not necescarily a straight forward process. http://www.crossy.co.uk/Thai_House_Plans/ these are house ones someone :) has put online. THre are ones for factories too but you will probably need a thai to find them. I also notice that in your drawing you have a very low pitch angle...5 degreees or so at a guess If a wind flies over that it will make a perfect airfoil. I think it will need to be a lot steeper.
  4. we get our airconditioner that is in daily 24 hr use cleaned once every three months inside and out and the others 4 in total in two houses once a year. The cost inside and out of anormal service is 300 baht and sometimes there is 50 baht extra for gas. This year he asked to do a complete clean for the one that has been used nonstop for 5 years for which he charged 1000 baht a job which took him two hours and completely dismanting and removing all parts for cleaning etc, Runs like a drem now. this is in Chiangrai.
  5. I thought one of the ways they built large roofs like that now was to use high pillers and have the roof structure suspended from them..sort of like a suspension bridge.
  6. just keep her away from sharp objects and scissors if you get the thai version.
  7. I think you misunderstood a little. I did not mean that the media should not report. Just that they do not provide a free ride for all the good news stories that the pollies want published. I it is news of course they should publish but opening a bridge in a pollitician;s electorate is hardly earth shattering, but is what is usually reported to help the pollie in return for his access for less desirable stories for him.
  8. I do not know why the news agencies just play the game....no access = no publication of the things the pollies want published...their media releases with things that will help their next campaign.
  9. Your child can own land. The problem with it being in a childs name is it basically cannot be sold or borrowed on or otherwise alienated until he is 20 years old. The courts can give pernission but it is pretty safe to say that they never will. This even applies to University fees. I know someone who tried with a block of land bought for that purpose.
  10. It is reasonable not to act in a way that afffects others adversely. Load behavior or throwing things around could be part of this. Licking a lid has no adverse affect on the other person so the correct thing for them to do is ignore it as objecting is going to affect the licker adversly.
  11. Little sympathy if the people "fined" were not wearing helmets or were riding uninsured vehicles.
  12. http://www.sname.org/HigherLogic/System/DownloadDocumentFile.ashx?DocumentFileKey=bd6f5660-42f0-494a-8b9b-c793a19e7105 those who think the water is of no consequence should read this.
  13. Firstly she has been told to leave and is breaking the law by remaining. Second the ambulance attended when called time was wasted by the temple trying to get vehicles to enter through an unauthorised enterance. Without taking sides too much the law is being broken by those remaining there and in any other country multiple arrests would have been made and if needed force used to arrest people or move them. restraint has been admirable and maybe excessive.
  14. Second InvadeIT. Slightly higher prices but excellent service and the owner (a Scandanavian) speaks excellent English and they back up their goods. Next Choice would be your local Advice store.
  15. In some places there is the death penalty for a dog biting or threatening to bite a person. Hope is is not too attached to the mut.