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  1. Always closed this time of year during the day to help control traffic going up Doi Suthep over holiday.
  2. Had great results with Grab Taxi. You can even follow the taxi's progression to your pick up point on your mobile phone. They arrived only 10 minutes after I called them. Only charged 50 Baht as I was first time user. Don't know if that deal is still on... Nice young driver and new car. Will use again.
  3. Yes, my report filed in Chiang Mai -- "Filed my 90 day on the 7th by mail and received new 90 day back on the 13th. No "new form" needed."
  4. Filed my 90 day on the 7th by mail and received new 90 day back on the 13th. No "new form" needed.
  5. Going west on Huay Kaew Road cross over Canal Road and on on your right is a 7/11. Make a U-turn and come back to the 7/11 and then make a left on the Soi that boarders the 7/11. There is a "Nana" Bakery on this Soi on the left about a kilometer or so up the Soi. It is very small and hard to find. Good Luck
  6. For those concerned about the 1200 baht simply put 100 baht a month in special place and wow in 12 months you have the price of admission. Give up a pack or 2 of cigarettes or a couple of drinks at the local bar a month and save even more towards the price of admission..... Complaining that Dave is going to make money is ridiculous - of course he is going to make money he runs a business. How else can he afford to stay business?!?! Keep up the good work Dave. I have enjoyed all my 4th of July's at the River Market.
  7. Usually available with out prescription and only 180 Baht for 4 tablets. Good results using only 1/4 or 1/2 a tablet. Info on Google... Sidegra tablets 100mg
  8. Why do so many people want to go to Immigration Office for 90 day??? It took me 5 minutes at the Post Office and then a short 5 day wait to receive back from Immigration! I have never had a problem doing this............ Next time I will try the internet....
  9. Tried around 06:30 and could not get to 2nd page.........