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  1. A typical answer from agent after I pointed him a few condos sold already for much lower prices than he adverted them , they never update their listings (a few agents do ,from them I had the updates ..) price differences several hundreds thousands of baht ....they are just gambling with the owners money .....,like going to casino with credit card from another person ... his answer : " thanks for the update. won't take long for the market to pickup again. The future is rental guarantee investment properties, stable income without hassle of renting it out. "
  2. many E.U. country's have different systems for pensions ..., Spanish ones are even lower than ours , The Netherlands have also a diminishing pension % when living abroad , my country not , we even get the same % as in home country when annual costs of living rise ,only proof of life we must bring regular times ..,and when put foot on home territory we are total insured for health care no waiting period ,but nothing in Thailand when sick or hospitalized
  3. https://uk.news.yahoo.com/british-pensioners-spain-worry-brexit-111712996.html
  4. "keeping up appearances " ..........what els can they say .....?!
  5. Not so much the question to allowed to stay in E.U., but By and large the main concern for these pensioners is healthcare and whether they will still be able to access free healthcare once the UK leaves the EU https://uk.news.yahoo.com/british-pensioners-spain-worry-brexit-111712996.html
  6. 2) ....? did you not had a proof (F.E.T. form , old name tor tor sam ..??) the proof of bringing in the money from abroad to buy property ....or was the reason that normally foreigner can not own a house ..!! ? As for buying a condo in your own foreigner name , and selling it after you normally can take /transfer this out with the proof from Registration office paid tax , showing all + F.E.t. form to the bank .. If all clear documented you can take it cash out , or others few flights up and return under the limit ..., also Thai bankcards work also for taking some in Europe ATM...
  7. sorry it is 9999 that 1 euro more give them the possibility to fine and fry you ...., if reading good the rule it say FROM 10 000 Euro or more you must report ..... so take care ,even your small coins are counted in to it or even money paper....and to be sure keep the ATM slips or any bank paper from the witdraw from account , they could ask when the sniffer dogs brigade is around
  8. A contradiction seems to be about that .... as I had questions about sending in several transfers , here the answer on Thai visa Blackcab bm. who seems to be different informed , also I asked some other questions concerning transfer and F.E.T. form funds here the TV. link from the posting
  9. it could also be that the value of the condo is valued more than the agreed price between seller and buyer ...they have their own lists of condo values ...
  10. I use this model ......
  11. But keep in mind that the free allowed cash no declaration is only 9999 € entering Europe (lower than the allowed 20 000$ value taking out of Thailand ) Starting 10000€ need declaring it by arrival Europe ...(10 000 a person if travelling with more.....but must kept separate carrying it ..!!!! ) Sometimes people are confused by the 20 000$ and the 10 000 €
  12. Maybe this can clear up the dispute ..."If you are signing a Statutory Declaration in support of a retirement or other visa, you must provide proof of income such as a bank, Superannuation or Centrelink statement." Can be found on this page of Australian Embassy Bangkok http://thailand.emba...l_Services.html
  13. If the Australia Embassy asking now this proof , it must sure have a reason ....my guess is that the Thai immigration is warning them , so if embassy not ask it, they ( Th.Immigr.) would /shall ask it . Before already there where rapports that some Embassy doc. must be legalized by their Thai ministry in Bangkok.. So better accept life changing things as you can't fight them...
  14. I am not Australian , but every year I ask and receive a statement document with seal from my Government pension institute declaring the amount I shall receive from date until dead .... in Euro , and when I needed it before I changed to the total lump 800K baht, the Imm.Officer just calculated it together with the bank letter . Never had any question or dispute .....you don't know that civil servants" LOVE "stamps and seals...? I don't understand why people can not prove what they receive as pension or income ..... unless its is ....., or just a lie
  15. The cherry on the cake is at the end of the video as showing a extractable screen tablet ...