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  1. Not getting that when I open the app. Which version of the app are you using. The latest version was updated on the 20th of this month. The others have not been updated for 2 years. I am using this one. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.quoord.tapatalkthaivisaa.activity
  2. The 400k baht in the bank is not your only option. You could apply for if you can show an income of 40k baht. At today's exchange rate that is only about $1160. The might allow you to do it even even if still married but it would be complicated. I have seen no reports of anybody getting one under the maintenance of children since the added that line in 2014. Some offices have even refused applications if the children were over 20 years old just to get the extension without the maintenance.
  3. I was getting the same emails coming from Tapatalk. They stopped yesterday afternoon.
  4. A off topic post has been removed.
  5. I am not sure that is correct info. What happens to Thais that get a new passport while out of the country? Or a child born outside the country entering with their first passport?
  6. There is no such rule, act or anything else that states that.
  7. Unless a degree is a requirement for the job it is not required to apply for a work permit.Same for a diploma. This form can be completed instead of a degree or diploma. http://doe.go.th/prd/assets/upload/files/alien_en/bc8afbeb7da6cb4a20b059dceec95d9e.pdf
  8. I might be easier to get him a certificate of identity from the embassy in London and enter the country as a Thai using it.
  9. Why on earth would that need to be done.
  10. Some additional post have been removed for various reasons. No further notice will be given when post are removed.
  11. Completely incorrect info. The Thai nationality act has not provision that states dual nationalities are not allowed. The nationality act has been amended several times over the years and a lot of information posted like the above is quoting a previous version of it.
  12. There is no 30 day extension for a entry from a non immigrant visa of any type. Only tourist and visa exempt entries can be extended for 30 days. If he is married to a Thai or has a Thai child he can get a 60 day extension to visit them.
  13. It does not matter. That is a bogus excuse that has been used by a few rogue immigration officers to deny a Thai entry using their Thai passport. Taking up a level to a supervisor normally ends the problem.
  14. If your children were living here you could get an extension of stay based upon being the parent of a Thai. This from clause 2.18 of the police order. If you are still married to their mother you would not qualify for it.