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  1. You could try to do a crossing at Mae Sai and if successful report back here to let us know you did it. You might be the first one to let us know it is now possible. The 2 entry rule will apply at Mae Sai and any other land border crossing that allows a border hop for a new visa exempt entry.
  2. Nonsense The 180 days your are writing about is for tax residency here and in some other countries. It has nothing to do with tourist visas or visa exempt entries.
  3. Are you aware that CW is not the only location whereyou can do your 90 day reports in Bangkok. You can also do them at the offices at Imperial World Ladprao or the Big C on Ratburana Rd (previously located at Major Hollywood).
  4. It would not reduce the paper work at all. If you had a yellow book for a rented residence it would eliminate the need for a rental agreement and etc needed for proof of residence.
  5. You could submit their applications for their extensions as your dependents when you do yours but they would not be completed until your extension stamp is done so that a copy of it can be attached to them. Do they already have non-o visas or a previous extension?
  6. I would not worry about the TM30 form in Bangkok. The have not gone over the top for wanting one like some other offices have.
  7. You can mail your report up to 15 days before the report date. The important thing is that is received 7 days before the report date. The immigration website is bit vague on the date since they suggest registered mail and it might take a week or more for it to be delivered. You could mail yours today by EMS and it would to processed. I send mine to my local office by EMS and put 40 baht worth of stamps on the return envelope so is returned by EMS. You will need copies of your passport photo page, visa, entry stamp and your TM6 departure card. Also a completed TM47 form. Download TM47 Form Fillable.pdf . If you had done a report before you would need to also include the receipt for your previous report receipt.
  8. Any type of entry can be extended for 60 days to visit your Thai child. Many have gotten one for a visa exempt entry. For example if you get a single entry non-o visa you could extend the 90 day entry of it allowing a total stay of almost 5 months before needing another visa. You will need your child's birth certificate show you as their father plus and a copy of their house book registry to apply for the 60 day extension. Most immigration offices will want your child to be with you when you apply.
  9. You might want to check for flights from Utapao to Kuala Lumpur and back on Air Asia. No visa fee for Malaysia.
  10. Vientiane is bad on Mondays and Thursdays when the visa run vans arrive. Other days they are not near as busy. They have streamlined the application process since you were last there also. You don't pay the fee for the visa until the next day also.
  11. Are you calling your 90 day reports you do an extension? The are not extensions. They have nothing to do with when you have to apply for your extension. You can apply for your one year extension up to 30 day before your extension ends.
  12. He cannot get that since he is already married. Just register the marriage and get a Kor Ror 22 is all that is needs to be done
  13. I can see where it was issued and by whom. Immigration may consider it a marriage done outside the country and want it to be registered at an Amphoe to get a Kor Ror 22. They want the Kor Ror 22 to confirm you are still married. I have to get a updated Kor Ror 2 (married at Amphoe) marriage registry every year for my extensions.
  14. Have you registered your foreign marriage an an Amphoe yet? immigration will want a Kor Ror 22 marriage registry that is issued when you do it.
  15. I have seen no reports of any changes in Vientiane. Also a visa run company has not advised of any changes on their website.