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  1. At airports there is no official rule that limits the number of visa exempt exempt you can do over any amount of time or the total stay on them. The 6 entry alert is only meant to inform the officer that he should review your history of entries to determine it they are out/in visa runs. Since the first of the year there is a new rule that you can only do two visa exempt entries per calendar year at land border crossings. There is also no 15 day entry rule at border crossings. All nationalities get a 30 day entry.
  2. A tourist visa allows a 60 day entry and that is what you get stamped into the country for. You then can get a 30 day extension of that 60 days.
  3. There is no such requirement and never has been one. Until a couple of years ago they would allow you to your reports at any immigration office.
  4. You can get a single entry tourist visa that will allow a 60 day entry that can be extended at a immigration office for a fee of 190o baht. You apply the moring of one day and pick up your passport the next afternoon at most nearby locations. None do it the same day. Vientiane Laos or Penang Malaysia are the best locations to get one at this time.
  5. Already being discussed in the news. No need for another topic. This one
  6. Nonsense How would he do his 90 reports? How would he apply for his next extension?
  7. Both international and ACH transfers can be done online. Found the info here yesterday . https://www.sdfcu.org/banking-services It is $20 for ACH and $30 for SWIFT.
  8. There only requirement to have a work permit issued is a non immigrant visa entry. There is nothing that states it must be a non-b visa. A lot of schools tell people people that they need a non-b visa since that is what they are familiar with and/or they want you to be on an extension based upon teaching so they feel they have some power over your permit to stay Technically your original entry was from a non-b visa. Not sure if they will understand that.
  9. I read about the class action some time ago but never got anything from the bank about it. IMO it seemed to be a frivolous complaint. When I set up my direct deposit account about 5 years ago at the bank I was fully aware of of the fees charged since they were posted on the website where I got the info about setting it up. I noticed that for the last few months of last year that the amount shown on the SMS was the same as my payments but did not pay that much attention to it. Went back through the last few months of the SMS 's and it appears they did not take out fee in New York in October, November and December of last year. In January and this month the amount is minus the fee. Not sure about the 25 baht difference in the transfer you mentioned. Perhaps a difference in the exchange rate you though you got. The fees for any transfer done via New York is the same for all transfers. It is not special for direct deposits. Also the .25% and the min/max charged here is the same for all transfers including those done by SWIFT.
  10. Just nonsense from some bureaucrat that does not want to issue the card. They would have to rescind the registration act of 2008 to stop doing the cards that allows for them. The cards have been possible for much longer than most people are aware of.
  11. Those first two lines explain your confusion. An extension is applied for at a immigration office. In order to apply for the extension you need a non-o visa entry. A non-o visa based upon marriage is applied for at a embassy or consulate.
  12. You don't need to close your bank account. Their is no requirement for you to have a work permit to have one.
  13. You don't need financial proof to get the visas I mentioned dependent upon where you apply for it. A single entry non-o visa can obtained in Vientiane and in Savannakhet a single or multiple entry visa can be obtained without financial proof.
  14. A inflammatory post has been removed.
  15. I think you are over stating most of what you wrote in you post. It is not near as bad as you imply. What I quoted is mostly from hearsay by people with no real knowledge if it was real or not (aka rumours).