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  1. What is your point? Are you saying that an abstention in a referendum should be counted as a vote for the status quo? If so, then as only 36% of those eligible to vote in the 2014 Scottish independence referendum voted 'Yes' then the SNP's defeat was even greater than the 44.7% of votes they did receive!
  2. The UK is a sovereign state; the EU is an organisation of sovereign states. None of the countries which make up the UK are sovereign states; it is the UK, and therefore the UK Parliament, which is sovereign. Article 50 allows an EU member state to leave the EU. If and how a member state reaches the decision to do so is up to the member state concerned. There is no such provision in the Act of Union nor any other UK legislation. You are comparing apples and oranges. Of course, Sturgeon could hold her referendum any time she chooses; but without the authorisation of the UK Parliament the result would not be legally binding; it would instead just be a glorified and expensive opinion poll.
  3. In 2014 the SNP promised that the referendum would be a once in a lifetime choice. They renaged on that promise following the Brexit vote in the 2016 referendum saying that the result of that changed everything because Scotland voted to remain in the EU. But, as ukrules rightly says, if Scotland leaves the UK, it also leaves the EU; whatever the result in 2016 had been. The government have not dismissed the idea of another Scottish independence referendum out of hand. Scottish Parliament backs referendum call Which is surely the right decision. If there is another Scottish independence referendum then the Scottish people must have all the facts. This obviously includes what the UK's relationship will be with the UK post Brexit. In other words, will Scotland be better off remaining in the UK post Brexit or leaving the UK and seeking EU membership? But Sturgeon doesn't want that; she wants another independence referendum in 2018 or 2019; before the full terms of Brexit are known. I have to wonder why.
  4. I actually agree with a lot u say but McGuinness was changed with "membership of the IRA" north and south . Not terrorism offences. My mistake; he was actually never convicted, or even tried, by a court in Northern Ireland; both cases were in the Republic. The second time was for IRA membership, but the first: I agree that internment was a huge mistake by the government. There was much that was wrong with the British government's policy during the Troubles. But the so called 'freedom fighters' of the IRA, or to be accurate PIRA, and other Republican para military's was to force Northern Ireland out of the UK and into the Republic against the will of the majority of the people living there. I'm not going to get into an argument over who killed whom, and which killings were justified or against what the IRA referred to as 'legitimate targets'. But simply present some facts. From Statistical breakdown of deaths in the 'Troubles' Killings carried out by each Group by Community: (Only groups who killed 25 or more people are shown) Organisation Total Killings Protestant Catholic Not from NI IRA 1696 (49%) 790 338 568 UVF 396 (11%) 89 265 42 British Army 299 (9%) 32 258 9 (unknown loyalist) 212 (6%) 50 212 7 UFF 149 (4%) 17 132 0 INLA 110 (3%) 55 33 22 UDA 102 (3%) 41 58 3 (unknown) 77 27 42 8 RUC 56 9 44 3 Official IRA 51 7 24 20 PAF (loyalist) 37 0 37 0 'Real' IRA 29 11 13 5 (others) 117 27 87 3
  5. McGuinness was never convicted of murder, but was twice convicted of IRA terrorism offences; once by a court in Northern Ireland, and once by a court in the Republic. Before his transformation into a peacemaker he denied ever being a member of the IRA almost as many times as he acknowledged that he once was a member of the IRA. The IRA certainly did not believe in 'innocent until proven guilty!' During the Troubles they kneecapped, or worse, approximately 2500 people whose behaviour they deemed unacceptable. How many of their victims were given a trial of any sort? No British prime Minister has ever been convicted of murder, yet you calmly say Whatever happened until innocent until proven guilty?
  6. Not all criminals are terrorists; but all terrorists are criminals. Masood was a man with a criminal past who committed a terrorist act. ISIS have claimed that he was one of their 'soldiers' but not claimed responsibility for the Westminster attack; which is odd if he was acting on orders from them. Enjoy your walk, both of you; and remember you are more likely to knocked down by a drunk driver than a terrorist intent on murder.
  7. But for the benefit of others who may be in a similar position: Yes Correct; it's the first. British citizens are not subject to the immigration rules, so any British children of an applicant (whether the children are dual nationals or not) are not included in the financial requirement; they don't have to pay the NHS surcharge either.
  8. I know the supporting documents guide says under Section 2: other documents you may want to provide – all visitors These are all suggestions; not requirements. You don't need a letter from your employer in order to sponsor a visitor to the UK; you don't even need to be employed! You simply need to show that you have sufficient funds to cover the costs of the visit and the guide gives you suggestions of how to do this. I've only ever used my bank statements for this (last there to six months to give a full picture). But if you want to prove your earnings as well then pay slips will do for this. If you do want to use a letter from your employer, then follow the format in the guide as above.
  9. London attack: Who was Khalid Masood? I don't know if this will play outside the UK: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b08lzmh3/panorama-westminster-terror-attack
  10. Muslim leaders hold peace rally in wake of Westminster terror attack
  11. Then you think wrongly. I have never said anything like that.
  12. Indeed. Certain people say that all Muslims must at least support the terrorists because they never speak out or demonstrate against them. When shown that in fact Muslims do speak out and demonstrate against terrorism; often, vociferously and in large numbers, then these same people say that they are lying to deceive as all as to their true intentions, the wrong type of Muslim (despite also saying that all Muslims are 'evil' as their holy book tells them to be so) or manipulating the leftist media!
  13. Ah, I see. In your opinion, people in the DCR live like animals and so deserve to be slaughtered. In what other countries do you think the people live like animals and so deserve this fate?