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  1. Do you think he can spell "Potato"----Quayle----- do you think he can quote lines like " The vast majority of our imports come from outside the country." --G.Bush OK then --its a quite a high bar , but think he must be a shoo in for the next great American president........
  2. Mr Perens Kisted, 41, also had his credit cards stolen--but didn't report it as the thief was spending less that his wife.....
  3. I am glad you feel that way aaronshih2001----- I will not only erase your name from my little book on dissidents that I am keeping , but also I wont even mention anything about your post to the Grammar police.....(great answer just--"No Negative" in that response............
  4. Isn't that the same with most governments rijb ?? Bush -Obama...Blair....etc a mess that we are still cleaning up. But this question is in the here & now----- List the negatives that we know of now. And I do find it a little odd when people quote stuff like -- "restricted freedom speech".....on an completely open forum run now by one of Thailand's National newspapers , for everyone to read.. . Oh...Wait.....what's that banging on my door.............
  5. We care not restricting what you want to put as negatives rijb------list them ---all of them.....
  6. Then why not make that the post heading-??--everyone thinking you are asking about living in some rural type area where its dead cheap----when you want to live in the middle of a city in a commercial property. ................DUH.............
  7. DRUGS.---- Responsible for teaching our youths the metric system..........
  8. Yes your probably right tandor.... off the cuff & not in the greatest of taste
  9. Two to three years. They didn't say if it was Burglary --or B & E. , there is a big difference in the sentencing in the west & here for the former.
  10. Honestly I really do try to pass by these sorts of posts without commenting---especially on how the whole Thai population is lumped together every-time an indiscretion or a family argument is committed. . But then -I am sure you are completely right lemonjelly anywhere else in the world-- a person having a drinking session with her husband then being informed that he is thinking of taking a mistress would have reacted so much better than an emotionally challenged Thai. ; I think the whole race is out of control...............
  11. So.....If you have sex and don't pay,... ...is it rape or shoplifting?,,,,,,,,,,,
  12. Odds are your probably right BwindiBoy---- most people minds are clearer than mine this time of day..... I know that we can only post in English.....hoping some latitude from the mods while someone with better skills than mine (that shouldn't be hard to find) points out I that got it all wrong...........Once Again..... เหตุการณ์ดังกล่าวเกิดขึ้นหลังจากที่ นักโทษทั้งสองรายได้พบกับนายกมลในเรือนจำ ซึ่งมีอาการซึมเศร้าตลอดเวลา จึงเข้าไปสอบถามก็พบว่านายกมล ติดคุกมา 4 ปี ในข้อหาปล้นบ้านชาวต่างชาติ ที่ จ.สุพรรณบุรี เมื่อได้ฟังจึงนึกได้ว่าเป็นคดีที่พวกตนได้ทำไว้แต่หลบหนีไปได้ในครั้งอดี
  13. Sorry this is a little confusing (to my addled brain anyway) ---the 4 years he has done in jail already is not for the crime we are talking about---"Yes" ?? but for robbing another foreign person ?? My Thai reading is very bad so I concede I may have this wrong-- The 21 year sentence (which would have been 10 years ---still very excessive-- ) works on the admit guilt 50% immediate reduction Thai Policy.--Much like the Western policies for murder = life sentence not usually parole until you admit & atone. Or...maybe I have got this all about face--& I really am a butterfly dreaming I am human.....
  14. Yes of course all Thai men are OK......but If two gay Thai guys get married and adopt a baby, Which one of the father's is supposed to abandon the family?,,,,,,,,,,,,
  15. The people are not being told to go out and kill someone of another faith. No Kowpot--in a lot of cases they are being told (or condoned that what they are doing is correct) in killing people of the same faith. Once again Google images will show you---especially in WW1 the German Catholic priest comforting the troops on one side with prayers tablets, sips of wine------across the line-the English Catholic priest on the other doing the same. Did those priest point out to the pilots in WW2 bombing London that your bombs are mainly falling on civilian targets (that's what the Blitz was all about--break the will of the people) I do concede that there is a lot of hate preached in the mosque Kowpot---& I in no way want to come across as defending them.- Your initial post was that if your religion expected you to do this---it wouldn't be one that you would not want to stay with. My first thoughts were that unless you are a Quaker---or a Jehovah's Witness..then I would start looking around.... I just feel the world would be so much better (safer) if everyone agreed that at the end of our allotted time---that we just go to sleep---nothing else. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ** Thank you for your polite response--