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  1. I did my 90 days report there yesterday about 10.30 am. I just handed a copy of all passport pages and passport, that's all. No form required. In and Out in about 5 minutes. The only problem is to park nearby, I had to put my motorbike in the mud at the path to the beach.
  2. The Airblade has been available in Thailand for at least 10 years... Does this stupid something have a driving license?
  3. I can confirm this. I did my extension on Boxing Day 2016, my picture was a black and white printout on my Laserprinter, two pictures placed on a DIN A4 sized page. A friend handed two color pictures (6" by 4")a few days later, which were rejected until he glued them on a A4 size page. A printout of Google Maps of the location of my house was not required, but put a smile on the face of the officer.
  4. I prefer software which will work offline. I use HERE Maps or, the first one being the sequel of Nokia Maps, the other one using OpenStreetMaps. Both are working quite well, but HERE does not have maps for China/Hong Kong. Download the maps (in both cases) while you are at home on your WiFi and you are ready to go. Updates for the maps are regular and available for free! Give both of them a try, it's free. Links given below. HERE Maps
  5. You forgot a trailing 0
  6. So time has come to finally learn reading Thai.
  7. Looks like the cars are deformed already, so no proceedings needed here. SCNR
  8. By the way, the app requires a facebook account. Comments regarding this fact are deleted by Phuket News.
  9. Since you insist so politely, it is illegal. And I wish you good luck, if you want to go to Malaysia for a visit.
  10. It was a misty day... view against the sun :-(
  11. You can expect to receive a cheque of Government Savings Bank, and the bank will probably refuse to pay out cash, because the cheque is filled out wrongly. No other bank will accept the cheque to credit it to your bank account, and GSB will not open an account for you if you don't have a work permit. Expect to wait about two weeks for a proper cheque, because the responsible officer is in a meeting, on a seminar, or just does not feel like returning your bail. If you stay long enough and you get a lawyer to do the work for you (for a payment), you can be lucky to get the money before you leave the country. That's exactly what happened to a friend of mine. I will not name the police station responsible, and not the lawyer causing the two weeks delay for obvious reasons.
  12. Did she get her passport back again?
  13. What a nonsense. Enforce the law as it is, make sure all drivers get a proper training before getting their driving license. And ban the motorbike rentals which are greedy enough to rent out bikes to people who have never been driving a scooter or motorbike before in their lives. A speed limit like you propose makes life even more dangerous on the roads, just look at the Chinese tourists driving at a speed of about 2 km/h above falling over.
  14. Could you please elaborate on this? Any quotes of the related law?
  15. Well, try to explain the difference between Austria and Australia to a Thai person.