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  1. Again, did anyone really think they weren't going to boo Cloke! Norf were good to the big Petrie Dish as well. Sheahan: 'Bogan' Pies fans were harsh on Cloke After 12 years of loyal service, Travis Cloke was emphatically booed by his former 'fans' when he faced Collingwood in different colours for the first time in his career. Former journalist Mike Sheahan was disgusted by the treatment Cloke received on Friday night. “The bogan element of the Collingwood supporter group – and they’re not insignificant – they plumbed new depths the other night with Travis Cloke,” Sheahan told SEN. “Travis Cloke is out of Collingwood because they didn’t want him. “If they’ve run away and taken the money, you could argue that case (to boo him), but I thought the contrast between the scenes at Essendon (and) Hawthorn and the Bombers with the pure joy there, just to me contrasted what the Collingwood people (did). “Hawthorn won’t do it when Sam Mitchell and Jordan Lewis play against them. I thought it was disgraceful.” Cloke gave Collingwood supporters a big 'up yours' when he nailed a challenging goal late in the first quarter, helping the Bulldogs to a hard-fought 14-point win.
  2. Yep, hard to see Freo kicking a winning score that often. They struggled with Ballantyne and Pav there and now they're not. That Kersten looks like a dud to me. Oops.
  3. Thanks for that. Your compassion and understanding is duly noted
  4. Gee mate, you really missed Boomer Harvery out there. Is he injured Unfortunately, I thinks it's going to be a long year for Norf and Freo.
  5. Congrats to the sensational 6 who got six, and to Ozzydom who got the choccies. Nice work fella's.
  6. Shittttt! I thought I had picked Adelaide
  7. Don't worry Rip. You weren't the Lone Ranger. I feel your pain
  8. ilikehdtv will have it via Fox. Can pay hourly or monthly for 250 Baht per month.
  9. Surely, Jason didn't expect anything else. Collingwood v Western Bulldogs: Jason Cloke defends brother Travis, attacks Collingwood fans. "Well done Collingwood," he wrote on Instagram. "Boo a bloke that gives you 12 years of sweat and tears and was made to go then you boo him, kill them bro."
  10. Ouch! Nice work Juddy Judd hits back on KB https://thewest.com.au/sport/west-coast-eagles/judd-hits-back-kb-took-20-years-to-realise-he-was-going-bald-ng-b88426194z Chris Judd’s ongoing forays into footy commentary are going to be worth listening to, if his response to Kevin Barltett’s suggestions of a tainted West Coast premiership are anything to go by. After the leaking this week of the Gillard Report into the Eagles’ drug culture in the early to mid-2000s, Bartlett suggested a line should be put through the club’s 2006 premiership. But Judd was having none of that on Melbourne’s Triple M radio on Friday, taking aim at Richmond great Bartlett in the one place he has nothing to protect him - atop his scone. “Kevin’s got a long personal history of struggling to come to terms with things and struggling to move on,” Judd, who also has follicle challenges, said. “It took him two decades to realise he was going bald and get ride of the world’s worst combover. “He was sacked as coach and took 16 years to go to another club function after he threw his toys out of the cot. “By Kevin’s timelines, a decade on he’s probably not ready to process it. In another 10 years he’ll be ready to move on.”
  11. It's not on their website for today. Only showing tomorrow nights game.
  12. I must say I'm really looking forward to seeing Sam Petrevski-Seton play tonight. A WA product from East Kimberley, he's had some huge wraps.
  13. Guys, maybe agree to disagree or even just ignore each other if it comes to it. I would hate the Mods (apart from Ron19) to step in and start deleting and monitoring the forum.