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  1. Have to agree
  2. What's the problem, cant bear to hear the truth ? Or perhaps as you have only lived in Thailand 20 years you memory is short ? "After a historic election victory in 2001, he became prime minister, the country's first to serve a full term.[28] Thaksin introduced a range of policies to alleviate rural poverty; highly popular, they helped reduce poverty by half in four years.[29][30] He launched the country's first universal healthcare program,[31] the 30-baht scheme, as well as a highly notorious drug suppression campaign.[32] Thaksin embarked on a massive program of infrastructure investment, including roads, public transit, and Suvarnabhumi Airport. Nevertheless, public sector debt fell from 57% of GDP in January 2001 to 41% in September 2006.[33][34] Levels of corruption were perceived to have fallen, with Transparency International's Corruption Perceptions Index improving from 3.2 to 3.8 between 2001 and 2005"
  3. And hopefully better organised, with a better leader. Many despots have tried to keep the masses down and, with the exception of North Korea, have subsequently failed in the end.
  4. Agree with your post ad I would add that the only thing they do do is what they didn't say they would do 1) Stop corruption - Fact; Corruption has increased 2)Abuse of human rights - Fact; military courts, some held in secret, people disappear of the streets 3) Allow free reign to those who acted illegally but in support of the General - Fact; Suthep and others running round again 4) Allow the good name of Thailand to be ridiculed due to incompetence - Fact; Corrupt Monks allowed to undertake extortion, money laundering etc with apparent impunity and then allowed to "vanish" 5) Build the economy - Fact; Foreign reserves at their lowest with the economical outlook drifting for moderate to poor The list is endless.
  5. Mickey Mouse would be more appropriate
  6. Not sure about American safety in Thailand but currently it is pretty damn dangerous for most people with the 2nd highest accident death toll in the world, and that is only fatalities that occur at the scene of an accident. Those DOA or pass away from their injuries later don't get put into the statistics so it is probably the most dangerous place in the world.
  7. Yes and perhaps that's why corruption is now worse, that money is going into his and his accomplices offshore accounts rather than the Thai economy.
  8. Yes and the biggest exponents of corruption are the Elite, RTP, RTA RTN etc and always have been since 1932. That's why they hate Thaksin because he almost pushed their noses out of the trough which they consider their sole domain. Under Thaksin corruption went down according to independent reports so he was doing something right and damn site more for the poor then anybody else did before and after his administrations.
  9. Not sure about the cost but sure as hell we won't get the Italians to build it again, wasn't high enough the first time
  10. but many people on this forum and in Scotland still hark back to those times
  11. Are if it is an example of violent behaviour then just like the 4 off duty Navy personnel in Sukhumvite I suppose, who no further mention was made of after their use of lethal force in 2010. Guess OK for the Elite establishmentarians to support violence when their heads are in danger of being forced from the trough.
  12. I wonder if this "weapons and ammunition " etc are the same ones that they "claim" get found everywhere else. The guy was long gone so why did'nt they search months ago ? Perhaps it took them that long to organise the planting of the stuff ?
  13. Clearly the intent of this post is to Troll
  14. That blustered reply sounded awfully like "we hav'nt got a clue, as we havn't thought it through yet"
  15. Very informative thanks. So does this mean then that the Cambodia link is just a spur, and there is no way Cambodia can link to Malaysia other than using the Thai section ? that's a little confusing because I thought there was a link out from Cambodia already without using Thailand according to this map http://www.submarinecablemap.com/