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  1. Turds generally are covered over by saffron robes after discovery in LOS
  2. Most people have knocked the police chief for his comments. Actually many people possibly do go to Pattaya for nature. As one op has already commented Beavers are quite common and the place should be on the world wildlife map owing to the highest proportion of bald beavers most probably anywhere. Then there are the world renowned greater crested nocturnal tits to be seen which are famous for there musically induced mating habits.
  3. You are living either in cuckoo land or Trump denial land. Google it and read the facts for yourself
  4. Just like Afghanistan , Vietnam and Iraq - All success stories for the corrupt US military supply companies but an abysmal political failure for everyone else.
  5. What corruption in Phuket ? never as long as the PM has a grip on reality
  6. Maybe so in which case you remind me of something that rhymes with anchor. Clearly you neither have any interest in adding anything worthwhile to the posters original content.
  7. Actually the identification plate that say "Made and built in the Peoples Republic of China" could have given the Thais a little clue as to their origin.
  8. Been a better a Wai and then a double tap
  9. Not Monks mostly. Just criminals in camouflage or kitty fiddlers trying to hide.
  10. And naturally like most Thai cars they were well maintained so that brakes worked efficiently and no one was on their mobile phone, picking their nose or trying to get one of those stupid nose scents stuck up their nostrils as all Thais like doing, when this incident occurred. Alternatively it could be just trying to poke something up the backside of a Liverpool supporter.
  11. Doesn't the cop know that his gun could have ignited any gasoline fumes and caused a disaster ?
  12. Didn't miss anything and you appear to have overlooked my point in its entirety.
  13. with 64 posts and only joined this year I can only assume with that type of juvenile comment, not even to do with the original post, you must have just left school. Suggest you give this forum a miss until you reach maturity and have the ability to respond to posts appropriately unless of course the mods step in first.
  14. All over Thailand these death traps are allowed to operate without erstwhile regulation. And so it goes on.
  15. A Thai "massage" women working in Nana ! Rejecting the money and offering to return it ? well in that case if this apparent cock and bull story had a resemblance of truth then why did she take the 200k in the first place ?