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  1. he appeared to be driving approximately the same speed as the others who went through the camera
  2. Hey, it was the squirrels fault. How could I have done anything as an electrician? The door was only bent a little bit so it would not close. Squirrel, kid, blind man, whoever; I was just down the road drinking my lunch, so Mai Pen Rai.
  3. And, so all the other companies selling dash cams are no good. Because they aren't made in (big brothers) Chinese company.
  4. To apply a different perspective to the quoted numbers of this article I read the full report and found that there were 176 countries surveyed and there seems to be 103 countries with a better corruption index with only 74 countries having a more desirable one.
  5. This article certainly ties in nicely with the previous one---- World scorns Thai lies on rights, democracy
  6. travelereastwest I think the hospital may not have done anything wrong here just as they claim. unclesteve18 I would recommend Rajavej highly, and assure you Dr Will can be taken at his word. He said that the poster of the footage was the relative of a diabetic person. It was the diabetic's own personal needle that they had already used at home to inject insulin. He stressed further that despite international regulations that hospitals could use needles up to five times for insulin jabs his hospital had a policy of one use only for injections of all kinds.
  7. How does feeding the fish damage coral reefs?
  8. Public Health Ministry encourages Thais to make babies with cringe-worthy campaign It's pretty simple guys, the Chinese want more babies so the Thais want more babies !!!
  9. Can you expand on EXPAT tv a little for me Laughing Gravy?
  10. Where I come from the employer is responsible for the actions of his/her employees.
  11. Thanks to everyone who sent me a reply!
  12. I live in Chiang Mai and am wondering if there are any new rules, forms or documents for applying for a marriage extension since last January.
  13. I counted 5 people helping. They are all heros!!!!!
  14. I'm also an "old boy" of 71 who has been driving since I was a young boy of 14. My preferred vehicle has been a Ford make for many years now. Just bought a new one here in Thailand last year and was driving along the 2nd. ring road when it actually shifted from drive to neutral on it's own. No i don't drink or take drugs either.