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  1. That's the problem - there's hardly anywhere else to look. They are always there at the edge of your vision. And what if you're sandwiched between two guys in shorts? Seriously, it's anti-social, ban them.
  2. Come to think of it, all men should be banned from wearing shorts on a plane. I don't want to have to look at some dude's hairy knees for hours.
  3. Who knew that certain tickets have dress codes? I wonder how/whether passengers are informed of the dress code instructions before they fly. I just saw the instructions. They are clear enough, though a little odd. Knee-length shorts are apparently okay. The whole idea is daft, and United have got themselves into a mess here by applying it to children. The instructions don't mention children. Bottom line: poor management.
  4. It's the Chinese in the mix that makes them beautiful. Mixed races are always good-looking. Has to be observed too that they are generally slender and have tight skin that makes them look young. A woman of 45 can commonly look 25 - you don't see that in the Europe. And of course they are friendly and smile a lot and like to have fun.
  5. Fund-raising, as practiced by all temples in Thailand, and by all religions around the world? The World Peace Valley Meditation Centre is presumably a very effective fund-raiser. Incidentally, check Google Earth: https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@14.5058192,101.5066815,3447m/data=!3m1!1e3 The centre (top right) is 'encroaching' only on agricultural land. Note the Toscana Valley development (bottom left) which is encroaching severely on primary forest - I haven't heard any cases about that. This is continued political persecution of Dhammakaya.
  6. Ridiculous response. First, he offers no understanding of what this kind of thing is all about, and obviously has no understanding. Second, this wasn't an attack on British democracy, that's just ethnocentric insecurity. Third, the UK is in the grip of absolute terror over this - they really are making themselves look weak and timorous with the frantic, blanket coverage since the attack - in that respect, this act of terrorism has absolutely succeeded - absolutely succeeded - Brits need to be playing this down, not up - we don't need the Archbishop of Canterbury making speeches outside Parliament. Fourth, I don't go for the relentless hagiography over the dead policeman, who was doing the job he chose to do and knew precisely the danger he was exposed to at that post. Other people died too. Victim-sympathy seems to be the growing the new trend - we get personal sob-stories about all of them - to my mind, that's unseemly and inappropriate.
  7. If foreign invaders came and annexed for themselves the land your ancestors had been living on for centuries, what would you say about that?
  8. Seems that ISIS is more concerned with fighting other Muslims (Shia and non-Sharia progressives). In any case, ISIS's existence is just another consequence of Islam's crisis of identity as a result of the thorn in the flesh at its root (Israel), which is tantamount to a massive loss of face. Muslims worldwide are displaying signs of low self-esteem and their extremist elements (there are always some) are simply directing some of their bitterness at those nations to whom they feel culturally inferior. Their terrorism exploits against the west is in that sense a pathetic kind of self-aggrandisement. The only real practical solution to mitigate Islamic terrorism is independence for Palestine. Make no mistake, until that happens, these attacks against the west will keep happening (whether it's by ISIS or Al Qaeda or the next group that will come along).
  9. The PM in the Commons is calling this 'an attack on democracy' - which means she has absolutely no understanding of what this is all about and therefore has no idea how to tackle it. Lamentable. How many times do I need to say it? This is all about Muslim pride and nothing else. Trace that issue back to its root and there you will find the solution.
  10. And the public have absolutely no voice in the matter.
  11. This is not related to immigration. It's a symptom of low self-esteem of Muslims worldwide. They perceive themselves as being downtrodden - especially in one particular place (you know where) that is at the heart of this issue. They probably don't fully understand it themselves, but that's what it is.
  12. No one is considering what is the root cause of all this insecurity. It's all to do with the thorn in the flesh that is causing Islam loss of pride. If you're not sure quite what that is, look at Bin Laden's stated motives for 9/11. Until that particular situation is resolved (the solution is clear to me) then you can expect insecurity to mount (and as we saw in that survey the other day, people equate security with happiness). This issue is spoiling the modern world. Deny the underlying sociology of this - or deny even discussion of this issue in the context of creeping world insecurity - and you are part of the problem.
  13. Hopefully doesn't suffer from monthly mood swings. Emotional equanimity, calm, presence of mind, and impeccable judgement unimpaired by biological fluctuation are what I want from anyone piloting a plane I am on. Presumably all pilots are tested for these things?
  14. The survey is not measuring happiness, but the sense of security.
  15. Volatile, irrational, petulant, and aggressive - Turkey has spectacularly managed to alienate itself from the club it wished to join. Many Europeans are probably relieved that the Turkish question has now made easy for them.