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  1. who is "we" tonto? since i have been here I have seen western pedophiles, professional drunks, people who stake out their bar stools for eight hours at a time,bums, beggers, westerners who don't have any medical insurance and sponge off the poor Thai's, these are the people i avoid, in the U.S. they would be called perverts, tramps, and welfare for life only biased opinion is against the westerners who come here and take advantage of the Thai people.
  2. After reading some of the post from foreigners bad mouthing this guy and attempting to tell him HOW to do the repairs, I realize the reason that I left the west seventeen years ago! it was to get away from these pompus asses! since I have been here I very seldom talk to westerners, I have nothing to do with them and their crying and bad mouthing the country that they came to! my contact with anyone not asian is limited to "if I have to" and i must admit my blood pressure has gone down and I am much more at peace.
  3. even money on the authorities getting on him for not having a work permit! it HAS happened before! and this time face is involved, I DO hope that Thai Visa stays on top of this story and does not bury it when the BIB close in on him.
  4. In your dreams! they cannot even maintain their current railway system! how on earth arethey going to advance into the 20th century? not even the Japanese could help them. I will be long gone before they even try this .
  5. what's with this "we Need" tonto? are you a thai? if you even try to change a life long procedure, to try to change the basic Thai life style, you WILL wind up on a slab! take our left wing liberal attitude where you can safely spout off, otherwise get your affairs in order because if you get in the face of a corrupt thai official, you are history!
  6. I thought that a foreigner buying a condo DID already have a fifty year lease! so what's new?
  7. This is a serious question, how do you get rid of the bee's? especially in a hive as large as the one pictured? is there a safe way to get rid of these critters? always thought that smoke would do the job, byt appreaerntly not these critters!
  8. more and more Thai's are giving up on the Monks they don't know, years ago there were may of my neighbors presenting alms every morning when the monks came by but now there are no more than three or four old folks standing on the corner. the monks brought this upon themselves by accepting anyone who wanted to be a monk without checking them out. the only temple here in Ubon that has a really good following is Wat Pa Na Na Chat they have all foreign monks and are a credit to the monk hood. the abbot does not tolerate any deviation from the pecepts. and not anyone can become a monk, there is a procedure (time consuming) that each person has to go thru and if they can't make it. he kicks them out!
  9. the only way a thai male will feel like a man is when he beats his women! this kind of conduct is permissible and has been happening for a very long time. when they are drunk they beat them, when they are feeling bad they beat them, when they feel sexually inferior they beat them! but the only time they will fight a man is when they are five or six to one, then they hit, kick and run! just ask any Thai female who she prefers to marry, if you are alone with her she will tell you the truth!
  10. that is really going to upset a whole bunch of "normal" thai prisoners! seperating them from their "lady" boys? bah humbug!
  11. what's a "red" book?
  12. are you trolling? we WERE speaking about men only! not women! I don't see any woman rushing into a men's room. only the perverts who for some perverted reason want to go into a women's room. for the last time! men's room for men, women's room for women! can you live with that? or would you prefer to use the women's room and sniff the seat!
  13. I was talking about ADULT perverts! not kids, no matter how you want to put it. it is not normal for a male human being to want to go to a female restroom unless he has other motives. he can also squat to piss in a men's room, can he not?
  14. they DO live in the real world! why would a so called transgender go into a womens rest room? there are no urinals there, is he going to squat to pee? most likely he is a pervert .or is he going to smell the toilet seat?
  15. where were these polls taken, san francisco?, oakland,? chicago,?los angeles,? other homosexual enclaves? the real American people, (south) northeast, midwest, have made their opinions known long ago when the parasite was in the white house! the democrats will go to no end to justify their perversion!