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  1. The price per meter will depend on the guttering size. 350/meter sounds OK for large size. The appropriate downspout is usually charged at the same price per meter.
  2. As long as I have been doing retirement extensions, and I have been here seven years, at Chiang Mai British Consulate or by post at the British Embassy in Bangkok, they have required the applicant to compete a form which asks for your address and a list of the pensions etc. , in GBP, which you total up for the income figure to be declared on the Income Statement. This is the current form required by British Embassy Bangkok. Previous forms have been very similar. https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/573863/Pension_7_12_16.pdf
  3. They haven't used both the gross and net figures on different occasions, they have used the figure you have stated as being the figure you want to be put on the verification letter.
  4. OfficeMate, Central Festival. https://th.foursquare.com/v/officemate-ออฟฟศเมท/52907d1811d265442e97a7bc Office Depot https://www.facebook.com/pages/Office-Depot-Chiangmai-puntip-Plaza/382627128477634 http://www.chiangmailocator.com/chiang-mai-shops-5354:office-depot-pantip-plaza-1st-floor
  5. Could it be that over the recent cool spell, your incoming water supply from your tank is cooler?
  6. As leyali says, check with a magnet. Fully austenitic stainless steel (such as 304) is non-magnetic. Look for the 304 stainless steel designation. HomePro sell some 304 products..
  7. Geees... that video is horrific.
  8. For about the same price as iLikrHD you can subscribe to Flawless IPTV. They have the same channels as iLikeHD, plus more. Generally little buffering and a selection of VOD included in the single price subscription. I have used both but Flawless wins for me
  9. You were looking for the wrong box...the last letter is "s" not "c". http://www.wemall.com/products/true-digital-hd-sattlelite-box-hd-sk1000s-2442927677106.html
  10. We live in a Thai neighborhood and they would not pay 2000 B/M and certainly not 2900 B/M. If you want to pay "rip off" Farang prices, don't let me stop you...
  11. Rendered but not painted..
  12. 2000 baht per meter is extortionate... In Tasala, near the railway station, we had a 2.5 meter high wall built for 750 baht/ meter , with us supplying the materials. Currently a neighbour is having a 2 m. high wall built for 900 baht/ meter inclusive.
  13. Ah Ah, now I understand. It didn't occur to me that you were initially referring to the USA consulate (me being a Brit). Although my reply was " tongue in cheek", I'll climb out of my hole now. "Yellow Book"...don't get me started, attempted to get one three times, and the local Kweng keeps changing his rules.. .
  14. They moved to Central Festival...
  15. Nice edit to get you out of the hole...LOL