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  1. Thailand has major issues with the safety on the roads, one of the main issues is speeding another is the lack of driving in a safe manner awareness both faults are displayed clearly in this incident, you would think this would be a perfect opportunity for the powers that be to re-enforce these faults and confirm the errors displayed by both parties. but it seems another wasted opportunity as they would rather maintain the TIT and the hub of R.T.A. status.
  2. they say the army has replaced some staff ? but that is only thai gossip, but some turnover of staff is obvious, so ID should not and never has been an issue here and they copy all passports/ID. the door leading to the balcony although next to the bathroom is quite fiddly and a small lock has to be turned at just the correct position to open close the door, and does not seem likely to be opened by accident....as stone cold sober it takes a bit of messing about to get to the very small balcony...it could of been left open...but most leave the toilet light on at night....not sure about lady or other guests being recorded but there will be CCTV.
  3. first my condolences to the family , please do not take any notice of some of the comments made by ignorant people who mostly have not even taken in the facts of what we know. I have stayed at top mansion many times but on my last visit I found it a lot rougher/noisier than it was down the years. the security is about ninety but he will offer to carry your bags up (no lift) he is a nice bloke. for the people who wrote about ground floor rooms...they do not exist. and the people who wrote about mini mart....does not exist. I hope that the police do check the c.c.tv . as we are in TIT and strange things happen. if any family member wants more info pm me.
  4. at twenty two you have a lot to learn, and I would suggest having your lesson's in a better area (walking street/arab quarter/ parts of soi buchow ) or most area's are not the best at 4am so have an earlier bed time say 1am and a pattaya lite area say second road. after twenty years you will know where to go and when to go and might even still enjoy the place...best of luck.
  5. I have not used the lifts in our condo in Thappraya road for two years now as it does not respond to what floor you punch in, sometimes it will take you right to the top or sometimes it will not respond at all, it is common knowledge and the staff do not even listen if you tell them the lifts are not correct. and as a finishing touch when you get the annual meeting letter it is normally already been held and you get notified the day after....so no real worries here....just use the stairs.....but glad I only rent and never bought, if it gets to bad you can always move ..
  6. anybody defending the actions taken by the authorities against a tourist needs to have a stern word with themselves. it has been repeatedly said by those same authorities that this was not a serious matter so why the 100,000 baht bail and then two nights in jail when they already have her passport. if it sounds like the actions of a banana republic there might be a reason for that.
  7. am I missing something here? so he stole her money and told the police a load of lies and his punishment was he had to eventually give the money he stole back? after all said and done why did they have to wait for him to agree to pay her back the 500 baht note is clear as day on the pictures? is it poor reporting? if not is that likely to deter any other taxi's or will it just make the bad ones a bit more camera shy ? come on do the job properly and ban/fine and punish bad behaviour. BIB.
  8. google this as I have after a discussion with a friend who thought trump was correct on his stance on immigrants, he also declared all the immigrants in the uk got houses and thousands of pounds on top by just asking .....all nonsense he denied saying it in the end.
  9. I have had taxi's in Bangkok were the drivers eyes rolled back and foam started running from his mouth, as my wife shouted "out" "out" ,obviously this is because he had had a bad somtam and not the result of to much yar-bar as my thai wife said. I have had a driver tell me when I pointed out he was going the wrong way that the M.O F.A had moved, he then dropped us miles from the building, I have had a driver drive around Bangkok for ages and then stopping and going on his phone and demanding 2k while refusing to put his meter on. this happened and my wife witnessed it and I posted it on here at the time. so if any one is talking silly it is the people who say this never happened and I have used the taxi's for years.... I am not an every day taxi user but in near twenty years I have had my share of crazy taxi drivers in pattaya and Bangkok , I have also had some good drivers and I have posted on here praising them in fact "pattaya limo's" was my favourite firm for about four years and all the drivers were top class until they started having issues and a nutty woman turned up. I asked after my usual driver" ball" but just got a blank look. This is all factual and my wife and my posts are proof, and what ever your experience you should just be grateful that you have not had the same yet... but if it does I will post on here telling you it never happened. krap.
  10. I think I am getting to where you are coming from its the fares fault as they are emitting anxious vibes or are rude and arrogant and even if the driver is drunk or on the yab-bar they can pick this up? but as soon as they see the super special people (not you of course) they switch off their antenna and switch on the METER krap....
  11. what do all these super people do to avoid the strange driver's I seem to attract in Bangkok last time we flew into Don Mueang we stood in the queue for half an hour then got our ticket and then the driver drove off no meter ? so I asked and he said he could not put the meter on so I told him to either put the meter on or drive us back to the airport, to which he said he needed fuel? he messed about driving down different soi's and on his phone so I took some pictures of his ID as his picture in the cab looked nothing like him, and he just kept messing about went to a petrol station and got out of the car for about ten minuets then drove about for about a bit then stopped again at another petrol station and then offered to take us to pattaya for 2k I said no chance I will give you the normal fare of 1500 baht, and he then drove to pattaya and it took in total about three hours.. my Thai missus was with me but even she was a bit worried, so speaking Thai was no help. I now only use taxi's who I know they are not great but you get where you want with no drama.
  12. kasikorn bank in central festival Pattaya state a percentage of withdrawal is deducted if credit/debit card is used in branch= so costs more than 220 baht per transaction. they will do anything to keep this income stream alive. checked last month.
  13. if you have access to a computer and printer you should do the application yourself as the "Agent" has failed miserably to inform you of the documents needed and should give you your 16k back. you need bank statements and letters to confirm you and your wives financial position and proves you have the funds to cover this trip, plus marriage certificate and a travel + health insurance which is very cheap. the next thing is make sure VFS submit all the documents and not put some back in the folder without saying anything to your wife (I had them try this twice) the second time I was allowed in with my wife but I had to make a lot of noise and even then they tried to leave all the financial documents out of the application again. best of luck . but with all the help you can get on here you should stroll through it.
  14. the way people in Thailand drive is a big problem as they show no respect for people who are trying to cross the road no matter if they are on a zebra crossing or even at lights they speed on, but in this case the motor bike was not doing anything wrong ok he could of anticipated that the baht bus was stopping for a reason but for the parents to push a pram at speed in front of moving traffic puts them 100% to blame. end of.
  15. the bar has been demolished but was on soi excite by the old bowling green...they used to say follow the blood...but if you liked the wild west this was your local. but most of this is irrelevant as it turns out you are just a tourist in pattaya and unless you only moved last week your info may well be out of date. and although I was first in Udon Thani about 18years ago I still ask the locals for any local info on bars/restaurants as I consider myself as just a tourist when I am up there. and that is what you are in pattaya.